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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Update: A Different Kind of Christmas

Hello Friends.

I hope you are all enjoying your pre-holiday festivities.  Christmas is going to be different for our family this year.  

As many of you know, my 87 year-old father underwent back surgery earlier in the month at a Columbus hospital.  If you or anyone you know has had lower back surgery, you know the road to recovery is long and arduous.

The anesthesia and pain meds left my dad very confused and, at times, combative.  Thankfully, most of that has since worn off.    

Monday, we were able to move him to a rehab center in Marion, where we live.  He seemed very comfortable there and everyone relaxed a bit.  

Wednesday was perhaps the most peculiar day of my life.  I received a call, while I was driving to work, from the nurse at the center saying they were rushing Dad to the local ER because his breathing had become labored.  I turned around to head back to Marion and started trying to contact my brothers.  No one answered their phones so I finally called my nephew, who is a police detective and used to getting calls in the night.

When I got to the hospital BJ and Jordan were there, but the ambulance was not.  Jordan offered to drive to my oldest brother's house to awake him.  When he returned he said something is wrong with Uncle Chuck.  He is bloated and can't talk right.

I called him and his speech was slurred.  I asked him if he was ok and told him  he should come out to be checked.  

Before he could get there, some family friends came into the ER.  Their children were driving to school and the car was struck by a truck.  

Dad had sustained a small heart attack and was in congestive heart failure.  He was admitted to ICU for observation.

Chuck's kidneys were not functioning correctly due to a change in medication.  He was admitted to the hospital in a room just outside of the ICU.

The children who were in the accident are fine.  They are very sore and shaken up, but are home recuperating.    

Needless to say, Christmas will be different this year.  There will be no cookies, no big family celebration, no day of playing.  It is disappointing, but we are very thankful that everyone is healing.  

I would like to thank my Secret Santa for all the wonderful treats she sent me.  As soon as life settles a bit, I will share my box of goodies with all of you.  

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.  I think of you often and hope to rejoin you in the very near future.  La

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's a Girl!

Bosco has been an only pet for 8 years.  He is sweet, loving, and spoiled.  He lives blissfully at the center of our household.
For many months, I wanted to introduce a little brother or sister to his world.  I always thought he or she would be of the canine variety, but you may recall Bosco suffers from Cynophobia.  

Cynophobia:  (sī’-nə-fō’-bē-a) Noun. A morbid fear of dogs.

The Cynophobia results from Bosco’s harrowing encounter with my brother and sister-in-law’s Golden Retriever, Lola.  She was excited to see him and jumped on his little head.  Since then, he has been afraid of all dogs, including puppies.  

Last week I went on Petfinder and found the Purrrfect little sister for Bosco.  She was located at our local humane society.  Ashlee called to see if she was still available and we were pleased to find that she was.  The director at the Marion Area Humane Society suggested we bring Bosco out to see whether they would get along.  

That evening we took Bosco to meet her.  They immediately became buddies and she came home with us that night.  Without further ado, please meet Nubs, formerly known as Cinders.

Why Nubs?  This beautiful little kitten has no tail…to speak of.  There is a little nub about 2 inches long.  Thankfully, her lack of tail is not due to abuse; she was born with a bobtail.  Apparently, she came to the shelter as part of a litter in April and all her siblings had normal tails.  She was the last of the litter to be adopted.  I guess most people don’t want a cat without a long tail.  

When people ask me where we got her, I tell them I got her from the Island of Misfit Toys.  We love her and she is very happy, which is evident when she wags her little bobtail like a dog.    

She is like Bosco in many ways.  She is sweet, loving, and spoiled….BUT!  This sweet little mild-mannered kitty becomes mischievous come nightfall.  THAT is subject for another post. 
Wanna be my friend?
Do you have room in your heart for a little furry friend?  Are you unsure what to get the kids?  Are you an empty nester who needs companionship?  Visit your local humane society or rescue and bring home a sweet pet who needs a loving home.  

We’re so glad we did.