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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Polka Dot Closet Giveaway

One of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging is meeting new friends. I've met several in the short time I've been writing, some in person. I am so honored to introduce you to one of my new friends who has some very exciting news to share.

Carol has one of the prettiest blogs I've seen. Before you even read the first word, you know you are going to feel right at home. Her banner is fresh, inviting, and romantic...much like the author.

Once you enter her blog, I know you are going to want to visit her online store. It is eye candy for those who love romantic home decor.

I am so excited to share Carol's fantastic news. She is featured in the September 2010 issue of Romantic Home! Yahoo! I am so happy for her. Carol being Carol, she wants us to share in the celebration of her publishing debut. She is having a GIVEAWAY! Don't you just love giveaways?

Click right over to The Polka Dot Closet, read about Carol's feature, and enter to win this sweet gift set, which includes a framed vintage paper doll (which is the topic of the magazine article), and three paper doll cards and tags.

Good luck! La

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Neighborhood Security

Last March, I visited family in Florida. It was a wonderful week full of eating, talking, and soaking up the sunshine. My Aunts Cheryl and Marilyn put me up at their apartment. I noticed when I awoke the first morning that someone in the apartment had an alarm clock that crows like a rooster, cute.

A day or so later, I decided to go out in the courtyard and get some sun on my otherwise ghostly white skin. I sat there, eyes closed, soaking up the warm sunshine and breathing in the fresh spring air....until....the neighborhood watch commander came to investigate. He slid up behind me ever so quietly and asked in a clear voice, Cock-a-doodle-doo!?!

Just behind my chair stood this gorgeous gentleman who makes it his business to keep a watchful eye on the entire neighborhood. He made daily appearances in the courtyard and when you couldn't see him, you'd hear him down the street interrogating anyone he came upon.

Of course, maintaining peace and tranquility in an entire neighborhood is a huge undertaking for just one watchman, so he enlists the services of these fine feathered specimen.

I am planning another trip to Florida for this fall. I better make sure all my credentials are in order.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!


and tigers

and bears, oh my!

As a resident of central Ohio, I am blessed to have the country’s #1 zoo just a short drive away. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is situated on 90 acres and is home to more than 700 species of wildlife. The zoo is laid out by geographical regions of the world.

If you are not from Ohio, you are probably still aware of our wonderful zoo through personal TV appearances by the zoo’s director emeritus, Jack Hanna. Jack, incidentally, is currently in the news for using pepper spray to ward off a charging bear cub.

Come along with me as we go on safari at the zoo.

Here are some babies with their mamas.

Just hangin'

Lunch time for the baby manatees
who are being rehabilitated
after some unfortunate boating encounters.

The Polar Bear Exhibit is the newest addition

Twin girls who love to play.
The exhibit provides multiple vantage points,
including a tunnel that runs below the exhibit...

so you can get up close and personal.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Exploring My Surroundings

A couple of weeks back, I told you I was going to Weight Watchers and was searching for enjoyable ways to get more exercise. After all, the formula for weight loss is simple: Move More; Eat Less.

I decided to try walking. Walking doesn't require any special talents and I'd been doing it for years. I just needed to amp it up a bit. I knew walking in circles on a track or around the same neighborhood would bore me fairly quickly.
I decided I was going to explore the area around me to see what I could find. I was pleasantly surprised to find some of Mother Nature's beauty within minutes of my office. The first pathway I explored is near the post office I go to on my lunch breaks.

The pathway starts out straight and flat.

Then, it moves up and down
and all around a gorge.

Another turn leads to a babbling brook...

that rushes onward and down the falls.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beauty Abounds at Vintage Market Day

If you have been reading my blog the past couple of weeks, you know Kathy Stantz hosted her first Vintage Market Day yesterday in Mansfield, Ohio. She and her friends worked very hard to pull this together with fabulous results. Everything was displayed beautifully and I wanted to take everything home with me.

Kathy and Terri were just as sweet in person as you would expect them to be from reading Kathy's blog.

I promised those of you who live too far away to attend, pictures so you can enjoy the eye candy vicariously. Here they are:

This mirror shadowbox was adorable

I love this chair and it would be perfect for my bedroom makeover, but I drive a Pontiac G6 coupe. It's a great car, but it doesn't lend itself to larger hauling.

As I look at these pictures, I realize two things:
  1. How much I missed while I was there. I'll have to do better next year.
  2. I didn't get a picture of Terri's beautiful jewelry. I apologize to Terri and all my readers for my oversight as her work is truly lovely.
I met up with two friends from Columbus, Cathy (with a C) and Tracy. We had a lovely day shopping and exploring the area. They purchased some small shudders. Their intent is to paint them and use them as picture holders. Great idea!

Now, for my purchases:

Isn't this little heart sweet?

This small table will be perfect for a bird cage

I can't wait to use this mirror. BEAUTIFUL!

Another highlight of the day was meeting Sue. She is a blogger from the Dayton area. Hop over and visit her. She is a warm and fun-loving soul. Our time to chat was much too short.

We ventured on to a flea market at the Richland County Fairgrounds. Here's what I picked up from there:

These frames were $1 each and will be
painted and become mirrors or chalkboards

Another plate for the bedroom collection $2

I also bought a 6-panel window pane for my bedroom! I've been searching for one since seeing the breathtaking pictures of Tracey's bedroom.

We headed over to an antique mall, but their prices were extraordinarily high. It was a very quick stop and made me even more appreciative of my auction finds.

Finally, we stopped at a farmers market near Kathy's house. The prices were unbelievable. I spent $20 and walked away with
  • 2 pineapples
  • 3 huge tomatoes
  • 3 cucumbers
  • 1 quart peaches
  • 1 quart new potatoes
  • 1 huge bag of fresh green beans
  • 1 ham slab to cook with the beans and potatoes
  • 1 dozen corn
I'd say that's a great haul. Tonight we will be dining on all those fresh veggies and fruits. YUM!

I also hit a great auction this week, but I'll tell you about that later.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and are winning the battle against this latest heat wave.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to go shopping in sunny Mansfield, Ohio? Kathy Stantz and friends are hosting their first Vintage Market Day in Mansfield. They've been very busy ladies and offer a wide range of beautiful treasures.

Visit Sylvia's Vintage Daughter for full details. For now, here are some new pictures to tempt you.
Isn't this desk adorable?
I love how they replaced some
of the wood with a mirror.

Every home needs a little whimsey.

I think I'm going to have to check these out
for my bedroom makeover.

I KNOW at least two or three things grabbed your eye between this post and the one from last week. As if that isn't enough temptation to get you up on a Saturday morning, there are hourly door prize drawings!

You really don't want to miss this fun shopping experience.

All pictures are compliments of Kathy Stantz

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Central Ohio Spartans

Anyone who knows me will tell you I have two passions; my family and football. When I can combine the two, it makes for a very happy Me.

I love football on all levels and have watched Jordan and my nephews play for years. Last Saturday I was able to turn back the clock and watch my nephew, Curt play in a semi-professional football game against a team from Kentucky. It's been some 15 years since Curt was on the sidelines in high school, but he still has some moves.

His team, the Central Ohio Spartans, are based in Columbus and have put together an impressive record at 8-1. With only a few regular season games left, they are looking forward to the playoffs.

Here are some pictures from Saturday's 27-26 win over the Kentucky Stallions.

Curt waiting to go in

Huddle up!

In the middle of the action!

They don't call it a contact sport for nothin'

Taking a breather.
This game takes a lot out of a 30-something man.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Thrifting Addiction

HELP! Call Dr. Drew, call Dr. Phil...I am addicted to thrifting.

More and more I find myself refusing to pay what department stores want for items I like. My first thought is, "I'll bet I can find something similar at an auction, yard sale, or thrift shop". So far, I have been lucky enough to find similar items.

This week, I found:

A mirror at a consignment shop $5.00

A pewter mirrored sconce $4.10

A wire stand at auction $2.00

The watering can I used in my
Bathroom Makeover $.99 at Goodwill

A pillow for my upcoming bedroom makeover
at a garage sale for $2.00

This corner shelving unit for $20
at a consignment shop. It needs some
paint, but it is perfect for my sun room.

Not a bad week's work.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

It was a lot of work; I'm tired, sore, and a little banged up. When I was ready to throw in the paint brush it was thoughts of your blogs that made me push through. Your inspiration and passion for your own homes kept me going and I am very pleased with the results. Come along for the tour.

The first thing I did (and when I say I did, I mean my younger brother Joey) was to change the light fixture over the vanity.



As landlocked lovers of the ocean, our bathroom is a little oasis where we can soak in the tub and remember past visits and dream of future adventures at the shore.

I chose two shades of aqua for the walls and accent. Once the painting was complete, I was able to move on to the fun stuff.

I painted the mirror the same color as the walls and hot glued seashells and starfish to the outer frame. It adds a lot of interest to an otherwise ordinary mirror.

I found this patio candle holder at Meijer on clearance for $5.00. I hot glued a starfish on the front and placed a striped candle in the middle and filled it part way with sea glass.



I used the lighter aqua in this alcove to lighten it up. I apologize for the lack of lighting. The only natural light comes from inside the tub and I had the shower curtain closed. Want a closer look?

The little watering can was one of my thrifty finds at Goodwill, only $.99. My mother bought the coral on one of our trips to Myrtle Beach many years ago.

This small basket at Walmart for $3.00. I tied an aqua ribbon around it and filled it with seashells that were purchased at auction for $3.00.

Jordan made me this birdhouse for Mother's Day some years back. It is very special to me because he made it and because of the special message on the bottom.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.
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