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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bathroom Before the Makeover

It's time to tackle my first major project, the bathroom. Actually, this is a project started late last fall when we had our bath tub and window replaced. At that time, I asked that the contractor to knock out a false wall at the end of the tub and add shelves.

All the construction and plumbing work are complete so now comes the fun part of making it pretty.

Here are a few before pictures to give you an idea of how dated the current decor is.

The twin swag lights from the 70's
are the first things to go.

I will probably use these beach scene pictures again,
but in a more interesting arrangement.

Here's the area where the false wall was removed
and new shelves were installed.

I already scraped and spackled where needed and will now need to sand and prime those areas before adding fresh new colors. A weekend of painting for me and I am actually excited about it.

Wish me luck! La


  1. love your bathroom makeover!! lookin' good!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I found that baskets make everything look 100% more put-together- for your sons video games!

  2. it wrong that I kind of like that light fixture!? Have fun nesting into your new bathroom!


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