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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Neighborhood Security

Last March, I visited family in Florida. It was a wonderful week full of eating, talking, and soaking up the sunshine. My Aunts Cheryl and Marilyn put me up at their apartment. I noticed when I awoke the first morning that someone in the apartment had an alarm clock that crows like a rooster, cute.

A day or so later, I decided to go out in the courtyard and get some sun on my otherwise ghostly white skin. I sat there, eyes closed, soaking up the warm sunshine and breathing in the fresh spring air....until....the neighborhood watch commander came to investigate. He slid up behind me ever so quietly and asked in a clear voice, Cock-a-doodle-doo!?!

Just behind my chair stood this gorgeous gentleman who makes it his business to keep a watchful eye on the entire neighborhood. He made daily appearances in the courtyard and when you couldn't see him, you'd hear him down the street interrogating anyone he came upon.

Of course, maintaining peace and tranquility in an entire neighborhood is a huge undertaking for just one watchman, so he enlists the services of these fine feathered specimen.

I am planning another trip to Florida for this fall. I better make sure all my credentials are in order.

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  1. Now thats funny!!! I hope I get the chance (someday) to meet their fine feathered alarm clock! :) Love you La :)

  2. Your post had me chuckling! I think we need to borrow him. We have had a problem with folks jumping the fence and getting in the pool!
    Can you imagine his alarm system if they surprised him at 2 a.m.

  3. La, Thank you for stopping by and being an official follower! I live in downtown Orlando and we have chickens around the lake behind us. What part of Florida do you visit? Oh, thank you so much for sharing in my publishing joy!


  4. Too cute! Lol! They are all over the Keys too! You better get your papers in order stat!

  5. I LOVE THIS!!! Every where I look folks are keeping chicks and roosters. Ordinance says I couldn't have Mr. and I'm too "chicken" to have the hens, but I love the whole idea!

  6. Roosters are a bonified mess. We had some here but I think a neighbors cat got them. olive

  7. Wish I could have some roosters on this farm-love that he's a watchman-I could use that out here!

  8. I love early morning rooster calls! Sadly I live in a village and not all my neighbours agree. :)

  9. What a cute post!Our neighbor has a rooster that perches in their tree!


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