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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End of Summer Celebration

Hello Friends!

Did you enjoy a spectacular summer this year?  It has certainly been a summer of extremes:hot and humid in the east, rainy across the country's midsection, hot and arid in the southwest.  The iffy weather didn't hamper our enthusiasm for the season though.  
I spent my summer (and spring) doing lots of fun things.  
I spent time at the beach...
Set a patriotic tablescape...
and tried new recipes.
I tried to grow a vegetable garden, which was a disaster, but planted flowers that thankfully flourished....
And enjoyed a Victorian tea with Makayla.

All in all it's been a wonderful summer and it seems too soon for it to end.  BUT, the end of summer brings my favorite season, fall. 

So how did you spend your summer?

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Blast from the Past: Fun Food

Hello Friends!

Remember when foods were entertaining and fun as well as delicious? 
SHAKE A PUDDIN’: Royal offered this activity/treat in the 70’s.  Just put the powder in the shaker cup, add milk, shake, and in minutes you would have a creamy treat in vanilla, chocolate or banana.

Shake, Shake, Shake-a-Pudd'n.
Pudd’n-Pudd’n, Shake-a-Pudd'n
Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm.

JIFFY POP POPCORN:  This product is more fun to make than it is to eat.  Its inception goes back to 1958…before I was even born.  I can’t say that about many things anymore.   Oh the fun of watching the foil cap expand to a big dome full of salty popcorn.   I still buy Jiffy Pop Popcorn from time to time just for the fun factor.
ZOTZ: I recently saw Zots at a local candy store.  The hard candy with the fizzy sour center must still be popular.

POP ROCKS:  Pop Rocks is perhaps the most fun of all candies.  General Foods scientist William Mitchell developed this product in 1956, but it wasn’t introduced to the public until 1975.  It became an instant success, which is enjoyed still today.

These amazing little gems are tiny air pockets of carbonation (CO2) that are released when melted in your mouth making a mild "crackling" sensation and "popping" noise.  Of course you HAVE to open your mouth so the noise gets louder.  The original flavors were Orange, Cherry and Grape.   A few years back, I found chocolate covered Pop Rocks that were meant to be used as an ice cream topping.  How fun is that?

Do you remember the urban legend that if you ate Pop Rocks while drinking Coke, your stomach would explode causing immediate death?

CRACKER JACKS:  Carmel coated popcorn and peanuts in the familiar red, white, and blue box with a sailor on the front and a prize inside.  I remember my Grandpa Benson bringing us Cracker Jacks when he would visit.  Back in the 60s and 70s, the prizes were actual little toys (now collectors’ fodder).  Alas, today’s boxes contain stickers or temporary tattoos.   

Suddenly, I’m hungry.  I’m off to the store now.  Remember, sometimes it is alright to play with your food.  


Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall is in the Air

You can feel a change in the air here in Ohio.  The breezes are cooler and the temperatures lower.  
 It's time for football, 
tailgating, and
before long, apple picking. 

Friday was the first game of my nephew Joel's (#2) senior season playing varsity football.  
Joel's scrimmage number is 4
We were thrilled to hear mid-week that he was chosen a team captain.  He and another captain decided to cut their hair especially for the game.
Most of the family turned out for Friday's game as did of Columbus' local news stations. 
It was a fun game and Joel's team, the underdog, won the game 34-21.


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Saturday, August 27, 2011


My thoughts are with my friends in Irene's path.  Stay Safe!
Google Images

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blast from the Past: I Feel the Earth Move

Did you feel the earth move today? 

Shortly after lunch my office building, in Dublin, Ohio, started to sway to the music.  I couldn't help but think of this old Carole King song.


Monday, August 22, 2011


Ever feel like you are juggling too many things at one time?  That is exactly how I am feeling as of late.  So if I haven't visited in a while, please know it isn't for any reason except that I am exhausted and haven't had a chance to stop by or I have stopped by, but haven't left a calling card AKA a comment.

I promise I will be making my rounds just as soon as my load is lightened because I miss all of you very much.

Make it a great day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Little Reminder


How was your weekend?  Are you enjoying the last weekends of summer playing, relaxing, and soaking up the sunshine?

Don't forget to share your summer with us on August 31 at the End of Summer Celebration.  Feel free to share any summer themed posts.

Terrific Tablescapes
Build Better Burgers
Remarkable Recipes
Meaningful Memories
Creative Crafts
Profound Poetry
Pretty Pictures

One lucky participant will be drawn to receive a basket full of summer goodies which includes the following: 

A Vinyl Picnic Tablecloth, B-B-Q Apron, and a Serving Tray...

It also includes Condiment Bottles, Reusable Sandwich Wraps, Party Picks, Corn Holders, and a Burger Press.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday: R is for Ready

This week's Alphabe-Thursday letter is R... in RED tackling dummies on Joel's football practice field...
...dark  RAINCLOUDS rolling in over head...
...and ROMANCE between two lovebirds.
Are you READY for the End of the Summer Celebration on August 31?  Click on the link to get the details.  One participant will win a gift basket full of seasonal goodies.  


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blast from the Past: 70's Heartthrobs

You knew I would eventually get to this, didn't you???

On my last trip to Fort Pierce, my cousin's daughter, Morgan, graciously gave up her room for me.  THANKS MORGAN!  She has a great room with stuffed giraffes, a memo board full of pictures with her BFF, and posters of Taylor Lautner plastered on the walls.  Oh how that brought me back to my teen days when I too had heartthrobs plastered on my walls.... 
Google Images
David Cassidy, AKA Keith Partridge from the hit 70's show, The Partridge Family.  Was there a girl alive in the 70s that wasn't in love with Keith Partridge?  When he sang I think I love you, I was SURE he was singing to ME!

Although David Cassidy has worked steadily, he has never enjoyed the success of his earlier years.  At 61, he has been married three times and has two children.
Google Images
Look into those sparkling blue eyes and tell me you don't melt.  Wasn't Bobby Sherman, AKA Jeremy Bolt from the TV show Here Come the Brides, yummy?  

Now, Bobby is 68 and the grandfather of 5.  In later years, he worked as a deputy sheriff in San Bernadino, California. 
Google Images
Squad 51 to Rampart....Randolph Mantooth, AKA Johnny Gage, could save me any day.  Talk about your hot firefighters!  Randolph Mantooth starred on Emergency! in the 70s.  His character was a wise cracking, charming, and brave paramedic.

Since his days on the hit show, he has acted in The Seekers and several soap operas.  He is 65, married, and is the honorary chairman and spokesmen for the County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association.

Let's see how well these hotties held up over the years...
Google Images
Not too bad...   
So tell me, who were your teenage heartthrobs?


Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morning Musing: Ladder to Nowhere

Hello Friends.

Did you enjoy a spectacular weekend?  We had wonderful weather Saturday with sunshine, moderate temperatures, and low humidity.  PERFECT!

By the title, you may think this post is about the struggles of women in the corporate world, the glass ceiling, or some other corporate ladder metaphor. 

Nope!  This is literally about a ladder to nowhere.
While commuting, I came across this a field...leading nowhere.
Any ideas why someone would have a ladder in a field?


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Celebrity Cook Along: Rachael Ray

If you know me well, you know I am a huge Rachael Ray fan I use her cookware, Bubble and Brown Casseroles, knives and other kitchen accessories.  I have several of her cookbooks and have only made one recipe from them that I didn't think was fabulous.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled when Lynn announced Rachael would be the August celebrity chef.  Woo-hoo!  In the past months, we celebrated Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, Ree Drummond, Paula Deen, and the Pillsbury Doughboy.
The tough part about this month's challenge was choosing just one recipe to share.  After careful consideration, I chose Tandoori Chicken.  This chicken dish is packed with flavor.  I like to slice it thinly and serve it on warm Naan with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and Tzatziki Sauce.  
Let's cook!

Tandoori Chicken
1 Cup Greek Yogurt - regular plain yogurt works fine
2 Inches Grated Ginger Root
3 Cloves Grated Garlic 
1 Tablespoon Chili Powder
2 Teaspoons Coriander
1 Teaspoon Smoked Paprika - I used 1/4 t. paprika + 1/4 t. cumin
1/2 Teaspoon Tumeric 
1 Teaspoon Cardamom
1 Teaspoon Cumin
3 Tablespoons Olive Oil, plus extra for drizzling
4 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs
3 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts - I used 4 breasts and no thighs
Salt and Pepper

Preheat oven to 500 to 550 degrees F, as high as it goes. Cover a baking sheet with foil and set a baking rack on top if you have one. 

Place yogurt in shallow dish and combine with ginger, grated garlic, chili powder, coriander, paprika, turmeric, cardamom, cumin and 2 tablespoons oil. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and coat in sauce. Arrange on baking sheet and roast 20 to 25 minutes until juices run clear.  

You may also cook the chicken on the grill.
Puppy Love
 Bosco says Rachael Ray is his favorite celebrity chef, too.

Be sure to stop by 
to sample more Rachael Ray recipes.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday: Q is for Quote

If I had to live my life again, 
I'd make the same mistakes, 
only sooner.
~ Tallulah Bankhead
I'm linking to Alphabe-Thursday.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blast from the Past: The Bump

Long before the introduction of the Bump
for your hair,
there was a Bump
performed on dance floors

at night clubs, proms, and slumber parties.

Do you remember the bump?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Morning Musing: A New Week

Greet the new week with a fresh outlook, 
an open mind, and a generous heart.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ohio's North Shore

Hello Friends!

Did you have a fantastic weekend?  I hope you were able to beat the heat with some fun and relaxation.

Some of you know my dad hasn't been feeling up to par lately.  We've made several trips to the ER and doctors appointments lately.  Understandably, these struggles coupled with the excessive heat, have left him home-bound and feeling pretty blue. 
Yesterday, I packed him up and we went for a drive along Ohio's north shore, Lake Erie.  When I was a teenager, my parents had a house trailer just south of Port Clinton on the Portage River.  My dad loved it up there and we spent every weekend and five weeks of vacation there each summer.
It rained most of the trip up and back, but it was nice while we were there.  It was hot and humid, but the overcast skies kept the sun from beating down on us.  There was a breeze, which there almost always is near the lake.  

WE started with a drive around Nugent's Canal, where we spent summers and boy has it changed.  Where there used to be empty lots along the canal, are year 'round homes, and summer cottages.  All the old boat docks have been replaced and most of them have boats tied up to them.  

For anyone who has ever visited, the old bouncy bridge over the canal no longer exists and The Point now has grass, a wooden ship for kids to play on and a decorative lighthouse.  Where the old facilities were now stands a community shelter with picnic tables.  The old restaurant/bar/bait shop is still open and is now called the Lagoon Saloon.  It now has outdoor seating.  Next trip we will definitely stop in for a drink and dinner.    
After this trip down memory lane, we moved along the shore to Port Clinton and Marblehead.  Our destination was the Marblehead Lighthouse so I could take some pictures for all of you. 
If you are a lover of lighthouses, you undoubtedly are familiar with the Marblehead Lighthouse as it is a famous jewel of Lake Erie.  Its location is ideal for views of Lake Erie, Sandusky Bay, Kelleys Island and South Bass Island.  Yesterday, we weren't able to see the islands due to the hazy and overcast weather.    
By the time I finished taking photos of the lighthouse, Dad was hungry.  A good sign.  We headed back to Port Clinton to Jolly Roger Seafood House for perch.  I was raised on perch as my Grandpa Benson was an excellent fisherman.  It is still my favorite fish.  
Named one of the best seafood dives by Coastal Living Magazine, Jolly Roger specializes in Lake Erie Perch and Walleye.  They also serve chicken, turkey, and other fish and seafood, but we were there for PERCH!  YUM!   
We had a wonderful day at the north shore, and Dad's spirits seem to be lifted.  Since he was such a good boy during our trip, I made him a big ice cream cone when we got home.
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