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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alphabe Thursday: Procrastinator

The Procrastinator

I'll do that tomorrow...
is the mantra of the procrastinator;
not dealing now,
but preferring to wait 'til later

I'll do that next weekend...
putting off cleaning
'cause there's too many better things to do
until the mess reaches the ceiling.

I'll visit him soon...
not realizing how quickly time flies by.
Life gets busy and in the way
until it's too late to say good-bye.
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  1. Hey my friend,don't be a procrastinator,teehehehe.

    I just got the button for August 31!
    Gonna be fun!
    WOW!...time is flying!

  2. A little food for thought on this Wed! Have a great day and thanks for adding my Give-Away to your sidebar:@)

  3. Hi La, great word, and I am guilty of it OK, maybe a lot of times! xo,

  4. OMG you have summed my husband up in one word :-O

  5. I really have become better at that and now no one would think of me as a procrastinator! Wow, I have changed in something in my life! Hip Hip Horray!

  6. You must have written that with me in mind.

  7. Good food for thought on procrastinating. Easy trap to fall into! :0)

  8. Meow!

    Great poem. Sounds a bit like me! Cats usually take their time and are often procrastinators.

    Thank you for your kind words about my P-post.
    Sara Cat
    For the benefit of other readers:
    P is for Presents - Sara Cat AT-rd-3-P

  9. This is one of my sons! I want to pull my hair out watching him drag his feet. Lol

  10. Are you talking about all men? Ha Ha! LOL! I like the way you write this. Great!

  11. There are some things that we should never put off - the call to the one we keep meaning to call, saying 'I love you' to your parents/children/siblings......

  12. Your poem is right on the mark, especially the last verse. And regret for things that can't be undone lasts for a very long time.

  13. Thanks so much for posting our Everything Annie Sloan giveaway button on your sidebar!! I hope all your friends and followers come over and check out this amazing giveaway!!

  14. Thanks for the reminder. I am a bit of a procrastinator but I try not to be to avoid regrets in my life.

  15. Right now procrastinating is what I'm doing, sitting on the porch enjoying blogs rather than getting on with the day!

  16. We all need to be tuned in to what (and WHO) is really important. Good reminder!


  17. Oh, no! Too many confessions this week! This fits me, too. Thanks for sharing.

  18. LOL, good post

  19. sounds like a superhero - The Procrastinator - but it's alright, I think everyone's a procrastinator at one time or another.

    thanks for sharing.

  20. Procrastination....I'm trying to get better at it. It has gotten me into some sticky situations. I'm to get things done and stay on top so I can stay out of those sticky situations. The key to beating procrastination is motivation and organization.

    aprons and old lace

  21. What a perfectly profound little poem.

    I'm not much of a procrastinator, especially if it's something I don't like doing. Everyone laughs at me because I just have to hurry up and get it out of the way!

    I liked where you took this letter.

    Thank you.


  22. What a great poem :) That definitely sounds like me! I'm a procrastinator which is why I'm visiting your blog so far past the date you posted it :)


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