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Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morning Musing: Ladder to Nowhere

Hello Friends.

Did you enjoy a spectacular weekend?  We had wonderful weather Saturday with sunshine, moderate temperatures, and low humidity.  PERFECT!

By the title, you may think this post is about the struggles of women in the corporate world, the glass ceiling, or some other corporate ladder metaphor. 

Nope!  This is literally about a ladder to nowhere.
While commuting, I came across this a field...leading nowhere.
Any ideas why someone would have a ladder in a field?



  1. And another wonderment?..what is growing,is that ELEPHANT EAR????
    I know that is corn in the other field(1st pic),what is that?
    And NO clue as to WHY there is a ladder,they must be expecting some mighty high growth for what ever this is???

  2. Hmm? Maybe to supervise pickers in the field or to see how much has been harvested. Or, maybe a painter was perched up there painting the landscape. Just a few thoughts, IDK! LOL!

  3. Perhaps to get a little higher to swat at the birds swooping in to devour the harvest?

  4. ........or to hand a bagged lunch to a crop duster as he swooped down low over the field?

  5. Or maybe just wanted to be closer to God :)........... xo

  6. Too funny! Maybe the kids put it there!

  7. A guy wanting to do his Titanic impression and yell "I'm King of the world!!!"? Of course only mice and rabbits hear him:@)
    PS-love the swatting at birds comment!

  8. Why, I think it's for Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk.

  9. This person climbed the stairway to heaven?!


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