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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall is in the Air

You can feel a change in the air here in Ohio.  The breezes are cooler and the temperatures lower.  
 It's time for football, 
tailgating, and
before long, apple picking. 

Friday was the first game of my nephew Joel's (#2) senior season playing varsity football.  
Joel's scrimmage number is 4
We were thrilled to hear mid-week that he was chosen a team captain.  He and another captain decided to cut their hair especially for the game.
Most of the family turned out for Friday's game as did of Columbus' local news stations. 
It was a fun game and Joel's team, the underdog, won the game 34-21.


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  1. What a fun day. That was a cool haircut. Someone was very talented and loved that makes me look forward to Fall.

  2. I love this time of year! We can't wait to go apple picking BUT... here in Maryland there is a stink bug infestation, and my girls and I are afraid of them. I hear that they love fruit trees. Stupid bugs!
    Have a great Monday

  3. Love this time of the year.......fall that is. It will be here soon. We have had some beautiful days lately.
    I miss watching my kids playing football. SO much fun going to the games.
    Happy Week.

  4. My favorite season coming right up! I am enjoying the cooler temps now that HI is gone. xo

  5. Love the 'do! Tailgating Food-woo hoo, can't wait for football:@)

  6. La, the things those boys will do. My son shaved his head for a cancer fundraiser (he looked terrible as he is a blond and he looked bald!). I do love a football game (college is my weakness) and the food....Congrats to Joel on his win and the election of captain -- ooh that hair isgoing to look gnarly growing out. Joni

  7. Fun post, La! Today I heard Kenny Chesney's song, The Boys of Fall (about high school football). It's a cool song. I'm not ready for fall, although the 70s and 80s are a very welcome change from the 90s!
    Hugs, Beth

  8. Well, no change in the weather here in Orlando! What fun to watch your son play football, my son played basket ball and it was some of our best years...I was so glad Id did not have a heart attack, yes, I was that screaming cheering parent!



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