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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blast from the Past: 70's Heartthrobs

You knew I would eventually get to this, didn't you???

On my last trip to Fort Pierce, my cousin's daughter, Morgan, graciously gave up her room for me.  THANKS MORGAN!  She has a great room with stuffed giraffes, a memo board full of pictures with her BFF, and posters of Taylor Lautner plastered on the walls.  Oh how that brought me back to my teen days when I too had heartthrobs plastered on my walls.... 
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David Cassidy, AKA Keith Partridge from the hit 70's show, The Partridge Family.  Was there a girl alive in the 70s that wasn't in love with Keith Partridge?  When he sang I think I love you, I was SURE he was singing to ME!

Although David Cassidy has worked steadily, he has never enjoyed the success of his earlier years.  At 61, he has been married three times and has two children.
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Look into those sparkling blue eyes and tell me you don't melt.  Wasn't Bobby Sherman, AKA Jeremy Bolt from the TV show Here Come the Brides, yummy?  

Now, Bobby is 68 and the grandfather of 5.  In later years, he worked as a deputy sheriff in San Bernadino, California. 
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Squad 51 to Rampart....Randolph Mantooth, AKA Johnny Gage, could save me any day.  Talk about your hot firefighters!  Randolph Mantooth starred on Emergency! in the 70s.  His character was a wise cracking, charming, and brave paramedic.

Since his days on the hit show, he has acted in The Seekers and several soap operas.  He is 65, married, and is the honorary chairman and spokesmen for the County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association.

Let's see how well these hotties held up over the years...
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Not too bad...   
So tell me, who were your teenage heartthrobs?



  1. Oh La, when I saw my hearthrob pop up this morning I had to come and see him. I loved David Cassidy soooo very much. In fact I even wrote him a letter when I was around 10, I swear it was him that wrote me back. Have a great day.

  2. I used to love Shawn Cassidy ~ I remember having a pair of Jeans with his picture on the pants leg.. bell bottoms of course!
    How about John Stamos.. he has aged well.
    Today my favorite hottie is Mike Roe, a Baltimore native. He's the guy from dirty jobs and in the Ford commercials. He's a super cutie.
    Hope that you are having a nice weekend.

  3. You had me at David...

    Great post.



  4. David was always cute but mine were Donny Osmond and John Travolta.

    Fun post, La. ;)

  5. Oh yes, I had the record cover from "Could it be forever" pinned up on my wall :-D
    Funny how you tastes change. I used to love those pretty clean cut boys, but Alan Rickman, Johnny Depp and Geoff Goldblum do it for me now LOL

  6. Well, I had pictures of 2 of your 3! David Cassidy (who I saw at WDW a few years ago) and Bobby Sherman. Randolph Mantooth did nothing for me. I also liked Jan Michael Vincent, who is now 67 and hasn't aged well!

  7. David Cassidy was the love of my life when I was 12. Do you realize our idols are almost old enough to be retired? Bobby Sherman probably has an AARP card and can get a discount on early bird dinners.

  8. Yep, had posters/pics of all three. But, I'm kinda fond of firemen, on TV or in real life:@)

  9. I don't think David Cassidy looks anything like his old self! I loved Shawn Cassidy...and had a blue satin jacket with his face on the back! Oh yea!

  10. Amazing...David was my guy but he is the least attractive to me now. I have seen him on some talk shows and I'm not crazy about his personality. I love this post!!


  11. La, what a blast from the past! I swooned over all of them. They never change in my mind...and either do I! At least until I try to do something like hike for 4 hours, then I remember (for days) that I am not a teen anymore!
    What fun!

  12. They still look was Fabian until I met him once then I lost any desire to have crushes on celebrities. The posters came down.


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