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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beauty Abounds at Vintage Market Day

If you have been reading my blog the past couple of weeks, you know Kathy Stantz hosted her first Vintage Market Day yesterday in Mansfield, Ohio. She and her friends worked very hard to pull this together with fabulous results. Everything was displayed beautifully and I wanted to take everything home with me.

Kathy and Terri were just as sweet in person as you would expect them to be from reading Kathy's blog.

I promised those of you who live too far away to attend, pictures so you can enjoy the eye candy vicariously. Here they are:

This mirror shadowbox was adorable

I love this chair and it would be perfect for my bedroom makeover, but I drive a Pontiac G6 coupe. It's a great car, but it doesn't lend itself to larger hauling.

As I look at these pictures, I realize two things:
  1. How much I missed while I was there. I'll have to do better next year.
  2. I didn't get a picture of Terri's beautiful jewelry. I apologize to Terri and all my readers for my oversight as her work is truly lovely.
I met up with two friends from Columbus, Cathy (with a C) and Tracy. We had a lovely day shopping and exploring the area. They purchased some small shudders. Their intent is to paint them and use them as picture holders. Great idea!

Now, for my purchases:

Isn't this little heart sweet?

This small table will be perfect for a bird cage

I can't wait to use this mirror. BEAUTIFUL!

Another highlight of the day was meeting Sue. She is a blogger from the Dayton area. Hop over and visit her. She is a warm and fun-loving soul. Our time to chat was much too short.

We ventured on to a flea market at the Richland County Fairgrounds. Here's what I picked up from there:

These frames were $1 each and will be
painted and become mirrors or chalkboards

Another plate for the bedroom collection $2

I also bought a 6-panel window pane for my bedroom! I've been searching for one since seeing the breathtaking pictures of Tracey's bedroom.

We headed over to an antique mall, but their prices were extraordinarily high. It was a very quick stop and made me even more appreciative of my auction finds.

Finally, we stopped at a farmers market near Kathy's house. The prices were unbelievable. I spent $20 and walked away with
  • 2 pineapples
  • 3 huge tomatoes
  • 3 cucumbers
  • 1 quart peaches
  • 1 quart new potatoes
  • 1 huge bag of fresh green beans
  • 1 ham slab to cook with the beans and potatoes
  • 1 dozen corn
I'd say that's a great haul. Tonight we will be dining on all those fresh veggies and fruits. YUM!

I also hit a great auction this week, but I'll tell you about that later.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and are winning the battle against this latest heat wave.

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  1. Having a very lovely weekend, enjoying the wonderful AC in the house! What a great day you glad you could make it. I LOVE that mirror and can't wait to see what you do with it. Thanks for joining in on the party:) Debbie

  2. Beautiful finds~ and such a fun day! I enjoyed meeting Kathy at the Junkmarket/Art and Architecture show!

  3. I believe I would have had to find a way to cram that chair into my car!! OMG! I would love to find one like that!

  4. Thanks....we do get a lot of company:)

  5. you got some really cute stuff!!! Love the frames!

  6. Great finds! I love the frames and mirror, and your little table is just too cute. Thanks for letter me "screen" shop, I live in Texas {Houston area} and would love to visit Ohio. I've heard there is great shopping there!

  7. great to meet you, and I'm thrilled you found some treasures to take home with you! You definitely filled up your day with some great junking AND some yummy fruits/veggies. All in a day's "play", right? Looking forward to chatting soon - and hope you make it next year too!

    Have a great week! Kathy

  8. P.S. Thanks again for the gift! :) I love it!

  9. Thanks for the tour. Wish I lived near there. So much I would have liked. Your mirror is gorgeous and love the stand for your birdcage. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Looks like your really had a good day.Lots of good finds and good eatin' too! Love the mirror. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful day, and you found some lovely treasures. Have fun with them!

  12. Oh wow, what gorgeous treasures those are! I love the little table and I agree, a birdcage would be perfect on it.

    Thank you for visiting my blog:) I'm glad you liked my dumpster halltree!! Unfortunately, we don't have Hobby Lobby in CA...sniffle sniffe. I'm not sure why! I have found some great glass knobs for a good price at Home Depot tho:)

  13. I always love to go to the flea markets and yours was so much fun. The thrill of the hunt just can't be beat and the veggies you bought at the end of the day made it just perfect. I did the same thing last Saturday. Although I didn't find as many fun things as you did I did get some wonderful veggies and blackberries. Hope you have a great week. Happy Salen ~ Lynn

  14. What fun! The pictures are wonderful as well as your story of the entire trip. Good score at the farmers market--yummy.

  15. Wow! You really got lucky on those beautiful frames! I also love your little table! I have one like it that I bought years ago at an antique store. It is brass and has a round marble top though! Beautiful plate also and what a deal at the farmers market too! Sounds like a great day!

  16. Love the mirror thing in the first photo. Lots of lovelies here!


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