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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Years

Ten years.

Ten years?

How could it possibly be10 years since the murderous attacks on innocent people (civilians)?  It seems like just yesterday.  

With the passing of time, fears have calmed and grief has faded, but our vigilance and resolve remain strong as ever.  Never again will Americans be lulled into believing the immoral activities of those with hardened hearts and evil souls who hate freedom and democracy cannot impact our lives.  

Today, let’s not waste our time thinking about thugs.  Instead, let’s…

Remember the brave first responders who rushed into the doomed towers of the World Trade Center.  More than 400 first responders died trying to save those trapped in the towers and surrounding buildings.

Remember the heroic actions of the passengers on Flight 93, who fought back and foiled a second planned attack on Washington DC with its likely target being either the Capitol or the White House.  

Let’s Roll!

Remember the lost lives of the innocent men, women, and children murdered in terrorist attacks on New York, Washington, and Shanksville.

Remember the victims who died as a result of exposure to dust during the collapse of the World Trade Center and those who suffer from disease as a direct result of this exposure.

Remember more than 90 countries lost compatriots as a result of the attacks on 9/11/2001.    

Remember US senators and representatives from both sides of the aisle uniting on the Capitol steps to sing God Bless America.

Remember President Bush’s bullhorn speech at Ground Zero.  

I can hear you! I can hear you!
The rest of the world hears you!
And the people -- and the people
who knocked these buildings
down will hear all of us soon!

Remember the rescue crews who came from all parts of the US and world to search for survivors and to recover the deceased.

Remember the 300 rescue dogs who worked tirelessly.    

Remember the increased number of households who proudly flew the Stars and Stripes.  Are you still flying your flag regularly?  We proudly fly ours year round.   

Remember the tearful condolences offered by our friends from every corner of the world.  

Remember the survivors and loved ones whose lives have forever been changed.  

Do you remember?


  1. Such a sad time in our nation and a beautiful tribute post to them all La. Hugs

  2. Living through it makes you remember as if it was yesterday.

    Can't and won't, never ever forget. xo

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. We will never forget. It changed us all forever.

    Did you see my posts on the Ohio events. I sent you an email and it was sent back. Can you make any of these?

    Hope all is well.

  5. Great post. I can't believe it is 10 years I still feel just as sad as when it happened. have a great weekend.

  6. Such a great post, thank you. And yes, I have my flag flying...

  7. It has been a sad few day's reliving it...We shall never forget


  8. A wake up call it was and we will be ever so watchfull now.. it is a part of history we will never forget


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