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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wedding Flowers

Last fall when we went to the Renaissance Festival, Jordan bought Ashlee a beautiful rose.  Now, Ashlee wants these for her wedding flowers.  Aren't they beautiful?
The only problem is High and Magic Roses are difficult to find.  To cut costs, Ashlee wanted to avoid the big name floral companies who charge exorbitant amounts of money for wedding flowers.  She had two thoughts: we could make them ourselves or hire someone to make the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. 

We wanted to use silk so we wouldn't have to worry about the wilt factor.  Try as I might, I am unable to find them in silk.  I have found fresh High and Magic roses in bulk 100 stems for $149.  That's a great price, but I worry that they will not hold up and we'll have wilted flowers or will be scurrying around at the last minute looking for replacements.
We are open to any and all suggestions.  Please share your thoughts and experiences.  Know of a place where we may be able to find silk High and Magic Roses?  Do tell.   



  1. Wow, they are pretty! Best of luck in finding what you want, unfortunately I'm no help... My only thought is, if it turns out that you can't find those exact roses, maybe you could use other roses in those colors, some gold, some coral, some orange, etc. Not perfect, just a thought. Happy Sunday:@)

  2. They are so beautiful and I understand your dilemma. It's so hard when the bride has a firm idea that may prove difficult to bring to life. Our daughter wants all white roses for the tables at the reception and the florist has said 'we will do our best but there is no guarantee that we will have enough'. Yikes! We won't know until the day before. Good luck!

  3. They are beautiful roses.......but I have no good ideas for you. Maybe just the roses for the bride and then an arrangement of other flowers for the others with a rose in the mix. I love fresh flowers......
    Are you going to Mt. Vernon next week. Let me know if you are.
    Have fun planning the wedding.

  4. Ohhhh they are gonna be gorgeous!!!!

  5. Have you tried the Flower Factory - I think it's off Georgesville Rd. Other than that, can you find the roses in the main color and dye the darker color around the outside? I'm thinking like with an airbrush, but of course I don't even know if that is possible.

  6. Very pretty, La. I googled silk High and Mighty and didn't come up with any. She might better look around the net and choose some she knows she can get. Lots of good luck finding what she wants. There's lots of pretty ones to choose from.

  7. Hi La!

    Congratulatiosn to your Ashlee on her upcoming wedding! I wish I could help you with finding thia beautiful rose in silk. All I could come up with is

    My duaghter wanted Lily of the Valley in her bridal bouquest for this May, but every florist told her they were impossible to get. I'm hoping to find a few nice silk ones to tuck in that day ;)

  8. She has good taste. The color of roses this year must be the orange ones. I am seeing them pop up on several of my blog friend's posts. I can smell them from here and they are heavenly.
    Happy Mother's Day weekend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

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