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Monday, May 2, 2011



I'll bet you will be by the time you finish perusing this post.  As a food addict and a blogger, I can't avoid photographing beautiful food....and tasting it.  

One of the new food experiences I had in Fort Pierce was at the Sunrise City Bakery Cafe.  Kurt and Melanie took me there for breakfast the first morning I was there.  Oh my goodness.  Are you ready for some tempting delicacies?  

WARNING: Licking your monitor may result in electrical shock.
Look at the size of this bear claw!  Jordan loves bear claws so a couple of these monsters came home with me. 
This lobster tail was amazing.  For those of you residing in Central Ohio, the filling of this delicate pastry was reminiscent of  a Schmidt's Cream Puff.

We each ordered a ham and cheese croissant and it was delightful.  I went back for another one later in the week with my Aunt Cheryl. 
See the melted cheese oozing from the end?
Here are more of the delicacies Carol, a Central Ohio native, offers at this beautiful bakery.   If you are in the area, the cafe is at 134 South Indian River Drive, just a block from the marina.  
Another new dining experience was at the 12A Buoy, 22 Fisherman's Wharf.  We dined outside at this fabulous restaurant, which sets at the foot of the bridge spanning the inter-coastal waterway.  

We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed the warm sea breeze to the sound of a musical duo.  

Look who flew down for the weekend. 
Ashlee and Jordan
My other dinner partners at 12A Buoy:

Melanie, Kurt, Morgan, and Cheryl
We started dinner with calamari and smoked fish dip.  I was certain I took more photos of this dinner, but I guess not.  BAD BLOGGER!
Morgan's Lobster Mac n' Cheese

Melanie's Steamed Mussels
After dinner, we crossed the bridge and went to the jetty to watch the sun set.  We stopped and purchased some Rum Runners, which are served in plastic bottles so you can take them onto the beach.  
Hungry now? 

I will be linking this post to Blue Monday at Smiling Sally and Mosaic Monday at Little Red House.



  1. Everything looks great La! I'm glad you put the warning about licking the monitor at the BEGINNING of the post:@)

  2. Everythinhg looks fantastic. You are right... I am hungry!!!
    Have a great day.

  3. Good food + good company = terrific!
    Blue Hyacinth, hope you can come and see. Thanks!

  4. Oh my goodness. I think you got into my head and made of list of my favorite foods and took pictures of them. favorite! them! Lobster Mac and Cheese...I'm purring.

  5. Now I'm ready to eat! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, La.

  6. Oh my -- everythinhg looked so good! Those pastries were like eating dessert first!

  7. Oh you are cruel to torture us with those photos of the bear claws and lobster tails. And then the mosaic. Wow. What a gorgeous spot. Looks like you guys had a blast.
    Creeps my husband out if I take pictures of our food in a restaurant.

  8. Everything looks yummy La. Thanks for the warning about the monitor. I think I gained wait just looking at all of these goodies.
    Have a great week, Annette

  9. Calling by from Mosaic Monday, what a delicious looking mosaic :)


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