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Monday, May 9, 2011

To Bead or Not to Bead…

…that is the question.

While in Florida, Melanie planned a fun Girl’s Day Out. We went to get pedicures in the morning and then picked Cheryl up for an afternoon of beading followed by an evening at an auction in Palm City.

The day before our outing, Melanie and I visited Beads and Baubles to see what classes were available. Beads and Baubles is a quaint shop on 2nd Street in Historic Dowtown Fort Pierce featuring custom designed jewelry, beads, and all the supplies needed to make beautiful beaded jewelry.
Susan is the owner and is as sweet as can be. She is very accommodating and told us we should feel free to bring cheese and wine to enjoy while beading. She assured us we would complete our project during the three hour class and would have enough supplies to complete a second project. FANTASTIC!
Daughter's Bracelet
We chose a class to make this delicate Daughter’s Bracelet. Isn’t it pretty?

While I am not an artisan, I feel confident in my ability to follow directions and to mimic the actions of others. The three of us looked forward to this fun afternoon. Melanie and I planned to make our bracelet and then make one for someone else since we would have enough beads left over.

We arrived early to choose our supplies and to meet our instructor, Stephanie. Let me just say here and now….Stephanie has the patience of a saint because WE WERE A MESS!
Stephanie works with Melanie (L) and Cheryl (R)
So far so good
Stephanie would show me what to do and I would do it correctly for a couple rows and then suddenly I’d have a growth on the outside of my bracelet. SERIOUSLY?!?! Melanie and Cheryl weren’t fairing well either; although, Melanie eventually caught on.
I got it now!
After one and a half hours, Susan suggested we take a break for lunch. In our haste to get to our pedicure, we forgot to bring the wine and cheese so we walked around the corner for a quick (30 minutes) bite at a little deli.

While we ate, we discussed the likelihood that upon our return Susan would have locked us out of the shop and she would tell us through the LOCKED door that Stephanie had to leave unexpectedly. As it turned out, Stephanie was still there; what a trooper! She caught us all up so we were all at the same place. Wasn’t that sweet of her?
I’d like to say that lunch helped our concentration and that we completed three works of art in record time. Yep, I’d like to be able to say that, but I cannot tell a lie. The truth is we didn’t complete our bracelets at all. We requested a copy of the pattern so we can finish it on our own…or at least try.
My masterpiece after 3 hours
By the time we left, the waist band on my shorts was damp from perspiration. We told Susan and Stephanie we were going down the street for a drink.

You may think from this account that we had a horrible time. To the contrary, we had a phenomenal time. We giggled to the point of tears the rest of the week as we reminisced about our ineptitude. It was good for us to laugh at ourselves.

The next evening, we ran into Susan at Bike Night. We all had drinks in our hands and I told Susan we were still drinking from the night before. She apologized for the stress, but we thanked her for the wonderful memory. 

I would highly recommend taking a class at Beads and Baubles….just don’t tell them La sent you. They may lock the doors.



  1. Looks like it is going to be a beautiful bracelet . Love the colors. I admire those that can do that type of work. Especially with such small beads. My eyes tire out to easily. Can no longer do cross stitch either. Miss doing it.

  2. That sounds like a fun afternoon to me too! I've bought several supplies before thinking I would make some type of beaded jewelry including a guidebook, but have yet to ever take them out of the packages. These bracelets look hard to me, lol! I love the colors you chose for this one as well. Maybe yall can have another party at to finish them up one day.

  3. Oh wow! That looks like it would take a ton of patience! Don't know that I could tackle those little beads. Great job! Pretty colors!

  4. Oh La that looked like a great day. Patience needed for sure..but the wine and cheese would have helped too. Have a great week.

  5. I bet you all were laughing so hard that you couldn't string the beads. I tried jewelry beading and now I just buy what I like on much less stressful. Take care. Donnie

    Posted under DJ's name.

  6. This lovely post brought back sweet memories. Before my best friend moved away (5 hours drive) she and I used to go to a beading class with another friend. We would sit and chat, make wonderful things and then go to lunch. We are all seperated by many miles now, but I do look back at those lovely times.
    You look like you had such a super time and I love what you made! x

  7. How fun, I love projects like this! I made over 100 netted Christmas Balls one year as gifts! The only thing you did wrong was NOT bringing the wine with you to the class, it would have loosened everyone up! Glad you had a good time:@)

  8. I hope you finish that gorgeous bracelet. Sounds like a great time. I would have been right there with you....:) Joni

  9. I want to get into beading and jewelry making in the worst way. I say that if I pick up one more craft, my husband of 39 years will say "Enough, all ready!" LOL! Think I will at least look into a class like this due to your inspiration! I am sure he will thank you!

  10. La, Sounds like you had a great weekend. Doesn't matter whether you finish or not it's how you play with friends. You are an expert at having fun.
    Thanks for visiting me in the Azores. We still laugh about the cows on the highway.
    Hugs,l Ginger :)

  11. You choose some beautiful colors. As they cowboys say just get right back on that horse and ride.

    I know you will get it finished and it will look great.

  12. That should be as the cowboys say... I'm brain dead tonight.


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