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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shadowbox Live: Jordan's 21st Birthday

Warning: this post is Rated PG13

Hello Friends!

As you know, Jordan turned 21 on December 23. I always dreamed of taking him to New Orleans for his 21st birthday....but I failed to make the necessary financial planning to make that happen.

I wanted to do something he'd remember the rest of his life. Unlike 29, you only turn 21 once. What would be memorable for a 21 year-old in Central Ohio in December? Hmmm. Then it hit me...Shadowbox Live!

Shadowbox Live is a non-profit performance troupe that self-produces a wide range of shows. Basically, they are a group of phenomenally talented men and women who produce Saturday Night Live-like shows. There is an intermingling of musical performances and comedic sketches. This isn't community theater, this is a professional show that is remarkably entertaining. Even more fun, is that the cast and crew are also your waiters and waitresses.

I went to a performance many years ago with a group of ladies and had a wonderful time. It was settled, Shadowbox Live it is! I purchased the tickets online. On the form, it asks if you are celebrating anything special. Of course, I put 21st birthday.

A couple days later, I received a call from Mary (who is the sweetest lady). She is the special occasion coordinator for Shadowbox Live. She provided me with a list of optional add-ons for our celebration. The options varied in price and I ended up ordering him a shot glass since it was his 21st birthday and he could legally drink.

The pricier option was a singing telegram by a "celebrity". Because it was just before Christmas and I wasn't sure what my cash-flow was going to be, I told Mary I'd get back to her after payday and after I was finished Christmas shopping.

Meanwhile, I talked to one of my co-workers who is a mere 25 years old. He said you have to do the singing telegram because when I was there, someone got a singing telegram from drag. It was hysterical.

Two days later, I called Mary and asked her what the options were. She said they had Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Tom Jones, and drag.

Jordan and Ashlee didn't know where we were going until the day of his birthday AND they had no clue about the singing telegram.

We were lucky enough to be seated directly in front of the stage, though there really is no bad seat in the place that I could see.

So, here we go....
for my son's 21st birthday, he got a table-side singing telegram from...drumroll please..... drag

It was hilarious! We laughed so hard. The actor, I think his name is Jamie, was awesome and did a phenomenal job. The singing telegram package includes the photos seen here, which is great because that way I was able to relax and enjoy every moment, and 2 tickets for a future show.

Jordan's reaction? I think the look on his face speaks for itself, but here is what he said on Facebook:
Dear mom its on....

Should I be worried that my birthday is this month? Hahaha.

Shadowbox Live is located in the Easton area of Columbus. They also have a troupe in Newport, Kentucky. If you are looking for something fun and different to do, take the'll be glad you did.

Thanks so much to Mary for all her help and the entire group at Shadowbox Live for a remarkable evening of entertainment and celebration.



  1. Uh oh....yeah, I do think you should be worried! That was too cute what you planned for his birthday! It sounds like you have a very special relationship with your son! I wonder what he has on his mind for you? I am sure you will let us know in the next few weeks! ~Hugs, Patti

  2. What fun. Looks like Jordan will never forget his 21st Birthday Party. I'll never picture Cher the same

  3. Looks like you all had a great time! I'm sure there were lots of laughs and fun memories:@)

  4. Very original La! I am sure you guys had the time of your life laughing and blushing. *hugs*

  5. Hi La

    Sounds like you had a great evening, one that Jordan will never forget and he has tickets to go back there, Wow!! Lucky lad and lucky mum to have such a lovely son. Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  6. We have a place like that near us. They always take people from the audience and bring them on stage. Good luck trying to resist because that just makes the whole production bigger.
    Have you ever sat in your seat and tried to be invisible for a couple of hours? Not easy, lol.

  7. What a great idea for his birthday! Can't wait to see what happens on your birthday. Be afraid, be very afraid!

  8. What fun! Your son is very hansome, you must be very proud.Happy brithday Jordan!

  9. What a fun time! I'm sure Jordan will always remember this birthday as one of his favorites!

    Count me in as a member of the 29th birthday repeat club... although my son is older than that how did that happen??

  10. You have got to be the coolest Mom out there. How fun! Happy birthday to your son!

  11. What great fun. I wonder how he will get you back. Glad you had a good time. Tell him Happy Birthday.

  12. Oh, so fun! He will always rememeber this and you got to share the moment! I think it is perfect, but I'd be expecting a payback:)

  13. Happy Birthday to your wonderful son! I'm so glad you could do this for him! What a memory you made for all of you!

  14. What a FUN thing to go and do for your son's 21st birthday! He will never forget it! I might be a tad worried though if I were you!
    And one last thing....what a handsome guy he is! :)


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