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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pets on Parade

Happy Monday!

Bosco is excited about being featured in today's post. He donned his favorite blue kerchief for this special occasion. He's such a diva....what do they call a male diva????

Bosco is the center of attention at out house. He is fun-loving, affectionate, and loyal.

Bosco is more than a pet, he is a family member. His favorite activity is going to Fred's Ice Cream shop in the summer for a special dairy treat.

I'm a dog person, for which Bosco is very appreciative. However, my cousin Melanie loves all animals and she has some unusual pets.

Hedgehog, Bubbles.
Isn't she sweet?

The critters and I will be joining the following ladies' parties:
Sally's Blue Monday

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  1. Bosco is very cute! Is he a shih tzu? He looks like the my previous employers dog. They have such wonderful personalties! Sorry, I am not a fan of your cousins pets. Bubbles is cute but one of my sons friends had a hedgehog and they were too prickly for me! LOL!

  2. I have a real fear of spiders so the tarantula gave me the willies, but Bosco is darling and like our 2 little girls looks thoroughly it should be! I don't know what you call males who are living the good life??? Have a great week, La!~Hugs, Patti

  3. First of all, I adore Bosco! He's precious, and while the tarantula is a bit scary, that hedgehog is the cutest! What a darling little thing. Are they prickly? Or only that way when scared? Either way, he/she is a cutie! But so is Bosco.


    Sheila :-)

  4. Bosco is adorable. Makes me want to fluff his hair around. I have never seen a hedgehog as a pet. Sort of cute.

  5. LOVE Bosco - tarantula - not so much! Skin crawling at this moment! Hope you have a great day,

  6. Bosco and Bubbles, tooooo cute for words. I loved the pictures, and I thank you for sharing some very special family members with us.

  7. Bosco is so handsome in his blue kerchief.A doctor friend of mine used to carry a hedge hog in his pocket on his rounds,very entertaining to his patients, but highly illegal I am sure.

  8. I love pets but I could not stand having a spider around. The little puppy looks so cute in his blues.

  9. Oh my gosh--your little Bosco is ADORABLE!! I'll bet he is soooo sweet and full of fun! This post is just too cute for words...precious!!!

  10. LOL I don't think a male could be a diva; after all, aren't all males diva-like? LOL

    Happy Blue Monday, La.

  11. G'morn, La ~ I'll stick with that adorable Bosco ... I sure wish I had another but not yet.

    Pop over for our Valentine's Giveaway

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  12. Hello La,
    Bosco is very cute and I know how much pets get family members. I am not sure if I would feel that for tarantulas, too. I guess, they have not so much facial expression, LOL
    But the white hedgehog Bubble is cute, too. I have never seen a white one.
    Give Bosco a hug.
    Greetings, Johanna

  13. Bosco is adorable. No way on the tarantula and not sure on the hedgehog. Really cute pets though.

  14. Oh how adorable. I could kiss his little nose. Here in England, we have a "Take your dog to work day" do you have something like that? I can imagine he would be the centre of attention and no work would get done :-D
    I have always wanted to hold a tarantula, not everyones favourite pet, I'm sure!

  15. O'Bosco is a cutie pie...I know he a sweetheart too.

  16. oh my gosh, i always wanted a hedgehog! your pup's so cute (i'm ignoring the spider) but that hedgehog!

  17. Hi lovely lady. Your Bosco is so sweet as Apple Pie.!!! Im your newest follwer ~~~ I hope you have a nice day.

  18. I'm thinkin' Bosco is a HUNK instead of a DIVA...:))
    He sure is a cutie.

  19. Awww! what a cutie!!! I'll pass on the spider! Ewwww!

  20. La forgot to tell you how velvety soft Bosco is. Which makes him that much more fun to cuddle with. Oh and he loves his Aunt Becki!!

  21. Look at that little hedgehog! HOW CUTE! You have lots of sweet critters! ♥

  22. Oh, what a sweetheart! I like the line about being a family member...they really are aren't they?

  23. What a precious mosaic of Bosco. I can understand how he is a real family member..j.ust like my schnauzer, Jack, and Buddy’s cat, Trouble. One of these weeks I am going to have to follow in your footsteps and post a mosaic of them. I really did enjoy this one.

  24. Ok, I am loving Bosco, I can just tell he is a sweetie! Not so much the hedgehog and trantula! LOL, I have cats and I know there is people that hate cats so I am jsut happy that there is pet love to go around. Just visiting from Debbies


  25. Oh my gosh Bosco has the cutest little face...
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my pug post!

  26. Sweet Bosco! What a sweetie he is. Love his pics. He is a real ham. Your sister is a brave lady, I think. Braver than I. Love all the babies tho. Hugs, Ginger

  27. La, Bosco is so cute! I love his name. I'm not sure I'd want to pet the tarantula but the Bubbles the hedgehog is adorable!

  28. Hi La, your little Bosco is a cutie! I did not know that hedgehogs could be kept as pets! I love hedgehogs--and I have a collection--but none of them can move! I would love to hold one! Linda


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