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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Mantel

Hello Friends.

I worked on bringing a warm romantic feel to the living room mantel this weekend. With Valentine's Day less than a month away I am again embracing the deep reds into our house.

Frankly, the mantel sat bare for the past several weeks because I didn't know how I wanted to decorate it for the winter months.
My mantel is always difficult for me because it is so deep. It measures 18 inches (46 cm) deep. That is a lot of space to fill. It either looks too bare or too cluttered, making the room seem unbalanced. The good thing about using the color red is that a little goes a long way.

I didn't want to spend a lot on Valentine's Day decor so I decided, in keeping with my New Year's Resolution to learn something new, I would craft some new items. Thank goodness for my creative crafty blog friends such as Ami, Brenda, and Jen. They are such an inspiration.

First, I made this sweet garland, which helps pull everything together. It was so simple and I was able to do it while watching TV.
I bought a 3 yard (2.74 meters) piece of cording at Jo Ann's, choosing the least expensive since it wasn't going to show anyway. It took about 1 1/2 yards (1.37 meters) of material. I chose three different designs in red, white and pink. Simply cut strips of material and tie them around the cord.

For this vignette, I put together a simple floral arrangement in a milk glass dish I bought at auction last summer. I used white silk roses, and red hearts I purchased at the Dollar Tree. I coupled the arrangement with a snowman candle I already had and a sherbet dish filled with peppermint candy that was leftover from Christmas.

Candy continues to play a major part in this vignette. I used Hot Tamales and Good & Plenty to partially fill this vase and to hold a white taper candle in place. A little red ribbon finishes off the look. I bought the red glass piece at Hobby Lobby in their clearance aisle for less than $7. The pretty perfume atomizer was a Sweetest Day gift from Jordan. I scattered red silk rose petals to complete the look.

I will be joining Tabletop Tuesday, Ruby Tuesday, Rednesday and Beth's Valentine's Mantel Party. Please visit these lovely ladies' blogs and say hello.

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  2. Wow! And I thought my mantle was deep at 12 inches. I know what you mean about filling it up either too much or too little. I'm the same way. I love your garland. I saw some very much like that at Michaels and thought I could make that! You did a great job, and I love the material used. Great job on your valentines mantle it looks lovely!

  3. Oh how pretty. I love it. Love the vignette and the garland also. Great mantel. Thanks so much for joining TTT Hugs, Marty

  4. Your mantel looks wonderful...I love the garland. Even I might be able to make that! ;-D

    I still have my tree up but it is coming down this weekend, dead or alive!! Then I have to look through my Valentine's Day bins. You have lit a fire under me!


  5. The mantel looks great La! Lovin' the fun garland:@)

  6. Hello La,
    I didn't knew that Valentine's day is such a big event in USA that you decorate so much. Here in Germany it is just the day you make someone else a little surprise, mostly red flowers. Your garland looks great, very happy with all the reds. I am curious how the whole decoration in your house will turn out.
    Greetings, Johanna

  7. Very pretty! I like the simple idea of the garland, I saw a round one, made for Christmas, with knotted fabrics.
    You have wonderful dollar-stores. They are catching on here in England, but aren't as common and don't seem to have such a large stock, but I will check ours out for suitable decorations.

  8. Oh, this is beautiful!! I love what you made...I am your newest follower and it's so nice to meet you!!

  9. I love to decorate for Valentines and your garland looks like something that would fit well with our mantle. Thanks for posting. The red is beautiful.

  10. The garland is adorable! I hadn't even thought of decorating for Valentines yet! Seems like I'm still getting over Christmas. Love all of your pops of red!

  11. That's gorgeous!

    My Ruby Tuesday, hope you can come and see. Thanks in advance!

  12. I am back again because you were on!!!

  13. Hi La,
    Your Valentine Garland is so cute! Very clever idea. It makes for a one of a kind mantel.

  14. Very pretty and festive! Cindy

  15. Love your new garland! The colors are great and it looks wonderful on your mantle! TFS, Nan

  16. The garland is so cute! Great job.

  17. Everything looks so pretty and sweet.

  18. You've done a nice job. The garland was a great idea. I need to get motivated to do something festive for our mantel. Thanks for sharing. ~ Happy REDnesday! ~ Sarah

  19. Your mantel is charming, La, and I love the garland! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment on my Bingo dog!

  20. O, you did a fantastic job on your mantel. I don't have Valentine decorations but I have REDS all over my house. :))

  21. This is a super cute mantle, and I love your raggamuffin garland. I keep wanting to do this, and I think I might give it a whirl!


    Sheila :-)

  22. That garland is too cute! What a great idea for my girls to try too. The love cutting fabric. Love your valentine's decor and, of course, the red! Thanks for stopping by!!

  23. I'm so envious of your huge mantel! I would love to have a fireplace like that, and you decorated yours beautifully. The garland is such a cute idea, and it makes me want to get started decorating for Valentine's Day right now!
    Happy REDnesday!

  24. I LOVE that garland!! I have NO mantel...I'll take half of yours!! :)

  25. Hi La,
    Your mantle looks beautiful! I love your garland, very charming!! The mantle I just added is 21" deep, so I see what you mean about getting it right :-)
    Thnaks for stopping by:-)

  26. Valentine's already! Wow, I definitely am not there yet.
    Your mantel put me right in the mood though.
    Looks lovely.

  27. Hi La!

    Your mantel is great! I love the garland.
    The fabrics are adorable!
    Thanks for visiting, you always brighten my day! I appreciate you mentioning my blog in your previous post. You are a delight!
    Stay Warm!
    Thanks again!
    Love, Brenda

  28. I love red everywhere and your mantel is so cute decked up for Valentine's Day. The garland is such a cute idea that I have never seen or thought of before. Joni

  29. How mantel is so charming! I adore your garland, you've got me all inspired!

    Happy Rednesday,

  30. That garland is so sweet! Great job on it.

  31. Beautiful job. I have not had a chance to even think about Valentine's day yet. Thank you for the inspiration.

  32. Your mantel looks great! I think you might possibly be the only person who has a mantel as deep as mine. I's such a challenge to decorate, isn't it? I really love your garland. It's the perfect addition.


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