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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday: E is for Elegant

Saturday was a very busy and emotional day. My nephew, Joel and my great-niece, Lauren attended their first Junior-Senior prom at different schools.

As has become the norm here in Ohio, the weather forecast called for showers all day. Both Joel and Lauren made plans for outdoor pictures; Joel was scheduled at 3:00 in the garden of his Dad’s girlfriend’s house and Lauren was scheduled at 5:00 at the historical home of President Harding.

Just before 2:30, the skies opened up and produced a downpour of epic proportion. Thankfully, the rain stopped by 3:00 and all the couples were able to get their pictures done without destroying their hair, formalwear, or makeup…you know how boys are about their makeup.

I snapped more than 300 photos of these two precious couples and their friends. Relax; I’m only going to show you 200 or so.
Joel is a junior this year. Typically, Joel is seen in ball uniforms and ball caps. Saturday, however, he brandished a black tux with a silver tie and vest. His girlfriend, Tracy was stunning in a floor length black gown with silver sequins.
Little brothers, Austin and Haiden, help Joel get ready for his big date.

Lauren is a freshman, but her Aunt La still thinks of her as a little girl. 
In Aunt La's eyes.
Boy, was I floored when I saw that she has grown into a beautiful young woman.  Where does the time go?

Lauren is very modest and opted for classic elegance. She chose a sparkling tone on tone gray floor length gown. Her boyfriend, Lance, sported a black tux with a gray tie and vest.

Saturday was also Lauren and Lance's first anniversary and Lance gave her a beautiful green necklace, which she proudly wore.
Don't they look adorable?  I know I'm a bit biased...
Big sister with brothers Braden, Jace, and KC.
A special moment on Daddy's lap.

E is for Elegance.

 Please go here to enjoy more posts dedicated to the Letter E.  Thank you for indulging this very proud aunt.



  1. I think the guys enjoy getting dressed up too! They all look so happy and excited. Gorgeous dresses.

  2. They clean up nice:@) Seriously, they all look great La, such a happy time! Love the pic of your niece with your brother.

  3. Everybody looked so nice and I loved the big smiles. Wonderful young people and they really make me feel

  4. Oh they look so nice! Thank you for sharing :-)I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs!

  5. I love those pictures, they all look so pretty/handsome. Makes me want to go to prom again!

  6. Gorgeous photos!!! I would love to go to prom again!

  7. I love the little brothers and how excited they look too. Such great pics. Yay for prom pics. I love them!

  8. Exquisite elegant enchanting loved it x

  9. So lovely...!
    Great pictures!

  10. Great ‘E’ post! They are ALL so truly elegant!

    Have a great weekend ahead & look forward to *seeing* you again next time,


    Btw Alphabe-Thursday

  11. All I can think is how young they look!!! YIKKES I don't remember every having such a fus for prom, I think it was just Mom and her Kodak LOL! They are all so cute!


  12. These pictures were so much fun to see! And both your niece and your nephew (as well as their dates) looked wonderful!!


  13. You really have a lovely family! The prom photos brought back memories of my own kids' graduation.

  14. what fun! I didn't go to my prom - we weren't into it when I was in senior high. So fun to see, and what attractive couples! {:-Deb

  15. Oh so elegant indeed. The guys and gals really looked fabulous!

  16. All smiles, all elegance and fun. Lovely. Hope their evening was wonderful.

  17. Elegance is right, they are beautiful.

  18. Aww, they do look elegant! Unlike some kids I've seen going to prom! Hope they all had a great time!

  19. Beautiful! Elegant is certainly the correct word for their choice in formal wear. Very nice.


  20. No bias here at all, La! What beautiful, beautiful pictures of a beautiful, beautiful family!

    Such class and understated elegance...for certain.

    Thanks for sharing this excellent post with us...oh it seems forever since I've known anyone going to prom!


    And a big hug!


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