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Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Tailgate Party of the Season

Our company encourages us to decorate our work stations with different themes each month. Last month the theme was The Beach. September's theme is Football because our office is in the Columbus, Ohio area and most of us are Buckeye fans. Thursday was the first Ohio State football game of the 2010 season. To celebrate the opener, everyone on the third floor of our office enjoyed a tailgate party. There was so much food; we could have fed the entire office. Here are a few pictures from our tailgate.

Office Decor
Brutus Buckeye serves as hall monitor

I love this plaque depicting
cheerleaders spelling O-H-I-O

Jordan's girlfriend Ashlee and her cousins
spell O-H-I-O at Harding Memorial

Tailgate Food
Little pigskins in a blanket on a stadium platter
with tons of desserts in the background

In the foreground are some olives rolled in
cream cheese and nuts (I will see if I can get the recipe)

No Ohio State tailgate party would be complete with
the traditional Buckeye candy
(peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate).


  1. Cute pictures! :) Those olive things were YUMMY!

  2. love all of it! My husband grew up in C-bus and is a HUGE Ohio State fan. We live in we cheer for the Bucks and the Seminoles :)

    It's been a while since I made buckeyes..yum!

  3. We are big tailgaters (at Ole Miss games). I am so glad it is football time again. Your Buckeye candy sounds wonderful! Bet it would be a hit here too :)

  4. Wow, I bet everyone wishes they had an office that was that fun!....No better food than a pot luck!


  5. What Fun!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a fun place to work. It looks like a feast...and the olives sound delicious!

  7. What wonderful fun! i think the British workplace is far too staid LOL

  8. Sounds like fun, nothing great like that where I work! I love football season!

  9. For me, the best thing about football is the food!


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