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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Goodwill and Garage Sale Finds

Hello Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had another beautiful fall weather weekend here in Ohio. There was a short period of rain on Saturday, but otherwise the days were sunny and warm and the evenings were chilly.

Our community played host to thousands of people attending the Marion Popcorn Festival. I will share more of the festival in the coming days. My aunt Cheryl and two of my cousins (Landry and Keanan) from Florida and my friend, Lanila (Babe) from Fort Wayne, Indiana
were visiting so I took Friday off from work.

Cheryl, Babe, Landry and I got up and went to breakfast on Friday followed by some thrifty shopping at Goodwill and garage sales. I was in the hunt for Halloween decorating items. I didn't find many things, but what I did find had great prices.

Goodwill $1

Goodwill $3

Yardsale $1

Yardsale $.25

I think I'll have fun creating a bewitching Halloween vignette with my new thrifty finds.

I will be joining these parties.
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Have a fabulous week! La


  1. Hi La, Gosh I thought I found some thrifty buys. I can't believe you spent so little on such lovely items. I'm glad you had such a good weekend with your family. Jane. xx

  2. Oh, those candlesticks are fabulous! Wonderful Halloween potential there. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Awesome finds. My favorite is the silver candelabra. And for $1...that's great!

    If you want, stop by my blog! I have my first-ever give away that is near and dear to my heart. :)

  4. What great finds. I love candlesticks too and fun to dress them up for the seasons. It's good to go out with a plan of what you're looking for isn't it. I love the little bag, it looks rather old, and I can just imagine it stuffed with sweeties.

  5. You found some great candle holders, La! Glad you have some foresight as to what you'll be doing with them. Get busy- Beggar's Night will be here before we know it. I am still putting out fall... takes me forever to get organized. Had to go to the courthouse Mon to see if I would be seated on a petit jury - waste of time- I didn't have to serve, but was bored to tears hearing the life stories of the prospective jurors. Thank goodness I didn't make it into that pool and could go home after 4 hours! I lost precious decorating time. LOL
    Enjoy the weather- it's cooled down this evening- yea!
    ~ Sue

  6. Darn it, I just lost my comment. I love the silver candleabra...great piece. All your scores are cute and useful. Thanks for joining me. Have a wonderful weekend. Debbie

  7. Wowser!! How perfect is that candle holder for Halloween!! Great Finds!!


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