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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Five Fall Favorites

Hello Friends. I’m joining Cortney’s Five Fall Favorites Link Party & Giveaway.

We have four very distinctive seasons in Ohio. Winters are cold, blustery and snowy; Spring is rainy, fragrant, and the earth awakens from its long slumber; Summer, like this year, is sunny; hot; and humid. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, without a doubt, with cooler temperatures, vibrant foliage, and diverse holidays. Narrowing my favorite things about fall down to five was very difficult, because my list could go on and on endlessly. In keeping with Cortney’s challenge, here are my Five Fall Favorites, in no particular order.

Fall Foliage: I have an hour commute in the morning and then again in the afternoon so I have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature’s autumn palette. After all these years, it still amazes me to watch the verdant leaves turn to vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges. During breezy days, the leaves drift softly from the trees sometimes catching an updraft allowing them to drift ever further.

The leaves are just now starting to turn.

Sweatpants and Sweatshirts: After a long day’s work or on weekends, I love to lounge in sweats. It’s the closest thing to wearing pajamas all day. They are warm, soft, comfy, and cuddly.

Football Season: Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?! I love football at all levels, from the little guys just learning the game all the way up to the pros. I get weepy when my high school alma mater’s band marches down the street en route to the stadium all the while playing our team’s fight song. Saturdays are spent watching Big Ten Football and Sundays are devoted to the Cleveland Browns.

Joel (2) warming up before the second half

Orchard Visits: No autumn would be complete without at least one trip to the orchard. As I walk into the store at the orchard, I am greeted by the most sweet, tart scent ever. I breathe it in, eyes closed, and allow it to envelope me. Hmmmm. I leave only after picking large bags of apples and buying cider for mulling, homemade popcorn balls (the best treat of the season), and caramels for apple dipping. YUM!

Fall Home Décor: The warm colors of the season make a home feel so cozy and inviting. These colors, along with hay bales, corn husks, sunflowers, pumpkins and gourds can easily be transformed to fit early fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorating.

Happy Fall Y’all!


  1. Good Morning! Thanks for stopping by....I know I am so behind in posting and from commenting. I have just had a lot going on lately and I can't post right now till I figure out what is wrong with my camera. I love your new background and header! I loved your post on Autumn! I think I smelled those apples at the orchard!~Hugs,Patti

  2. I really wish I could visit some orchards. I mean real ones with the smell of Autumn in the air. I have fond memories of them when I was a little girl back in Connecticut. *hugs*

  3. That was great! When asked which football team I follow I never have an answer. We've lived so many places that I never attahed myself to a team. I'm glad you at least have a good view on your drive to and from work each day, I only commute 10 minutes each way...I kinda miss the longer drive, it use to be my quiet thinking time. I agree- sweat pants are awesome in the fall!

    I'll be posting the Link Party later today so you'll be able to link up. Great job and thank you again for participating.

  4. Lori - very nice autumnal pics! I love orchard visits too! We're just starting to see fall here - although the tree in my front yard is almost in full color ALREADY!

    Have a great day & Go Bucks!!


  5. Hi La, That was lovely. Your wonderful photos make me look forward to autumn even more. I love this time of year. Jane xx

  6. Oh you KNOW I only like Ohio in the fall! LOL
    I look forward to it all year. Football, beautiful colors and smells, apple orchards...
    The only drawback is that it doesn't last long enough and it is a precursor to our darn, cold winters!! Your blog is looking good, Lori! :-)
    ~ Sue

  7. Hi...can't wait to pick apples!! Love your pics. as for NYC I did get some funky jewelry, a knock-off coach purse and lots of trims in the garment district...It's tough to buy a lot because you have to carry it all day (we did a one day bus trip)..patti

  8. Fall is my favorite season. I reprieve from the hot, hot weather! Comfy clothes...comfort food...leaves turning...and a cool breeze! Enjoy the drive as you watch the seasons turn...

  9. Fall here in Western NC is also beautiful. This year we have had temps similar to Ohio. I guess I'm not ready to do fall yet but I sure am heading that way thanks to your beautiful post.

  10. Thanks for mentioning this fun party! I joined in! Ya gotta love fall, it seems like everyone gets a nice burst of energy as the air cools down:@)

  11. I love Ohio in the fall. I miss it so much!

    But, hey, it's 110 today and humid here in the Valley of the Sun(stroke) so I should be happy - NOT!

    Please look at some leaves for me!

  12. stayman apples...eaten cold...fabulous! : apple crisp with vanilla icecream....fabulous! : giant football Mum corsages...fabulous! : the vibrant red leaves of the maple when the sun shines on it in the late evening...fabulous!; great sleeping weather....fabulous! These are just a few of mine.

  13. Living in Illinois, I'm right there with you. The fall colors, the apples and cider and even my gray sweatpants on Sunday afternoons...I'll skip the football, but it is certainly on often in our house!

  14. Great fall post. Just love this time of year even though here in ND we have been pretty chilly the last 2 weeks.

  15. Sweatpants and sweatshirt...oh I wish I could go to work in them. I probably wouldn't be very productive because all I would want to do is nap.

    I really like your blog and am now following! Thanks for the comment, feel free to stop by anytime!

    -Meredith @ meredith and maggie

  16. I enjoyed your post on Fall. I want to go to an apple orchard and buy some apples right now! We will be traveling to Wisconsin next week, I hope we see many leaves changing their color, while visiting our daughter and her family.

  17. I enjoyed reading your fall favs. This sure was a fun party!

  18. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention sweats in my list...Not quite cool enough here yet..but won't be long!

  19. Hello Lori...lovely post! I guess that I am the odd man out when it comes to the Fall season...mainly because it always made me think of winter coming...ugh! Growing up we lived most of our time overseas in hot, humid climates and I loved it. Then my dad retired to cold New Hampshire and it was a culture shock that I never got use to. Now that we have lived in the South again for the past 15 years I can appreciate the cooler weather of Fall/Winter especially after the long hot summer we've had this Also the fact that we don't have to shovel mountains of snow every year makes me enjoy cooler weather. I love the fall leaves and I use to have a commute like yours and loved the morning drive when the sun made the trees so bright. My DH is a Panthers fan since we lived in Charlotte for so many we are in Raleigh. I don't do sweats but I do wear flannel PJ's all weekend...habit from commuting all week and I don't leave the house unless you make me ;) Have a wonderul autumn! Fondly, Roberta

  20. hi La-

    Love this post and everything about fall that you wrote about. Football, the leaves and colors, the comfy clothes - yes fall is the best. I have a 1/2 hour commute to work each moring and afternoon and always try to take it all in. It sometimes makes the commute go by much faster. Enjoy the season.
    My best- Diane


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