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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday: Letter O

Hello Friends.

Today Miss Jenny's class is exploring the letter O.  
Hop on over to her blog to find some fun and interesting posts. 
Over the past few weeks, most of the US has been experiencing 
Opressive heat. 
Google Images
Many areas are seeing triple digit 
temperatures and heat indices.  
Whenever temperatures reach this level, 
the only thing I think about is the  
I  wonder with this heat
if it would be cool and refreshing
or feel like bath water?
One more thing before I go...
 I am much Obliged to Barbara

I won this beautiful Park Lane
jewelry from her wonderful blog. 

Thank you so much, Barbara!



  1. OMgOOdness La
    cOngrats On yOur wOnderful win...

  2. Oh, we're feeling the monster heat plus humidity in Japan too! Ugh...a trip to the beach sounds nice but there's the whole radiation thing that's keeping us from wanting to go to the beach, unfortunately.

    Congratulations on the beautiful jewelry!

  3. CONGRATS,YOUR THE LUCKY ONE!Don't you love Park Lane!
    And yes ma'am we got some toasty weather down southeast Georgia!

  4. I feel so bad for those of you who are caught in that terrible heat. We've had little heat this year - two day of sunshine - but I don't think I'd trade our cool for your hot!

  5. I have heard about the Oppressively hot weather in many areas of the US, and where it says comfortable in the north west, they have had nothing but rain and 60* weather. It might be a little better today, but they have not really experienced summer yet.
    Hopefully it cools down for all of you people in those triple digit areas! We have been in the 80's here in Manitoba, Canada! Perfect!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Do not like this heat....I do not I do not (lots of 0's)

    But I do like your sweet win.

  7. Thanks, La, enjoy! And stay cool, xo

  8. I thought we were supposed to heat up again mid week but it is only 75 degrees. I'll keep my fingers crossed it stays this way!!


  9. I'm doing the Happy Dance here in Philly! Upper 80's and very low humidity-Woo Hoo! Congrats on your win La, it's very pretty:@)

  10. We're melting in the heat here but it gives me an excuse to stay in and be lazy!
    Congratulations on your win, it is lovely!

  11. Unfortunately Texas is one of the worst for this heat wave. No words can describe the intense heat.

  12. Oooohh my gosh,
    It has been such a heat wave, for sure!!!
    Hope you're staying cool!!


  13. Nice win of jewelry! I need to go visit her blog. I love finding new blogs to visit. But this post says it all! I am hoping for a mild winter with snow in small increments! HA HA!

  14. Wonderful "O's" La! That is a very pretty jewelry set from Barbara -- enjoy it and stay cool!

  15. Oh, don't like oppressive heat and most of the time in Malaysia, it's oppressive heat. That's a really nice jewelry set you won

  16. Love O ppressive heat.......and loved it more when you gave us a dip in the O cean afterwards. Your winnings are lOvely!!

  17. Great O word. I heard about the heat and how it affects people. Not nice.

  18. Isn't it fun to win something?

    I'm at the beach this week, and it's been delightful. Makes me happy, because I get hot flashes very easily these days and don't enjoy the heat at all.


  19. Now I really need to plan another trip to the coast.....

  20. I love your prize. We are praying for cooler weather here.

  21. So agree - in Northern Wisconsin we are supposed to have pleasantly cool summers - this one has been a beast - having "summer cabin fever' from being cooped up in the house with the A/C.
    Congratulations on your lovely prize!

  22. I'm in the Tampa area and it's always miserably hot and humid here this time of year. But at least we're equipped for it (lots of AC, etc.). I hope it cools off where you are soon. Here it will be at least November before we see the end of 90-degree days.

  23. Congrats on your jewelry! Score!

    If you hit the ocean off the west coast, it's going to be chilly! Anywhere else, it can be warm.

  24. Writing from an area with extreme heat advisories...I think the ocean would be wonderful...lukewarm or not!

    Our pool is pretty toasty, too. We just started running the aerator and I hope it does the job soon.

    Pretty jewelry, too. Congratulations.

    Thanks for another outstanding link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "O".



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