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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hello Friends.

Remember when ice cream was forbidden if you were trying to lose weight? Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Seriously, how long will someone stay committed to a plan that forbids ice cream consumption?

Today, we have so many options in the freezer case.


There are also many more flavor selections, including Moose Track which is one of my favorites.
Have you seen these? Edy’s has two limited edition tropical flavors for summer, Coconut Pineapple and Black Raspberry. I was so excited to hear about these two new flavors so close to my upcoming ice cream social. I was going to buy a tub of each and have a taste testing at work. At only 100 calories per ½ cup serving, I figured no one would blow their diet during the tasting.

Unfortunately, when I went on Edy’s website and searched for locations selling it, I only found it in the Dallas and San Diego areas. So, have any of you who live in the Lone Star or Golden States tried these new flavors? If so, I’d love to hear what you thought.
Don’t forget to join me on National Ice Cream Day, July 17, for an Ice Cream Social link party. Link posts with recipes, memories, photos, or poetry associated with this frozen treat. You can also link any frozen dessert, gelato, sorbet, sherbet, popsicle or yogurt recipe. There just may be a special treat for those who join in the fun.



  1. I'm afraid I have to have Breyer's old fashioned ice cream when I indulge. The others are okay but it is a small treat in my life so I I like to eat what I like. Have fun on ice cream

  2. Coconut Pineapple sounds great! Kinda warm today... ice cream sounds good:@)

  3. Not fair to post about ice cream where people might read it before breakfast! nothing will satisfy but a scoop of French vanilla with nuts and chocolate sauce. Oh dear......

  4. I love Moosetracks as well. Velvet makes a good one. I am ready for your ice cream social. We took the girls to the Ole Mill yesterday.

  5. La, I would love to try the coconut-pineapple! Too bad is is limited and restricted to just two states. I guess they are doing a test run? xo,

  6. yummmmmm... I would love to try the pinapple coconut! I will have to remember that the 17th is icecream day!

  7. you are really making me want some ice cream, La...low cal or not! lol Thanks for entering my giveaway and posting the button! Have a great week!...hugs..Debbie

  8. I'd love to know if the sugar and fat free ice creams still taste like ice cream as they seems to be missing the best ingredients. There is nothing as good a Hagan Daas :)

  9. YUM!!!...we all scream!...July 17th Ice Cream Day!

  10. I'm reading this at 8:45 am and am seriously thinking of raiding my freezer to find the little baby Nestle drumsticks for breakfast. They're only 120 calories or so, so that would be a diet breakfast, right?

  11. I live 350 miles from Dallas so doubt if we have those flavors here yet. Will sure be watching for them, tho.

    You say you get restless in winter...wintertime is my favorite of all seasons so I feel GREAT all winter long. I love the cold, the fires in the fireplace, snuggly throws, hot cocoa with tons of marshmallow cream...I love everything about winter. :))

    I've had my ICE CREAM post ready for a week..I keep adding to it and it's gonna take an hour to read it...well, maybe not an HOUR...but is IS getting long. :))

  12. Oh this is too cute, La!!! Also, I wanted to tell you that I have a big giveaway going on at my blog (2nd post down) in case you want to enter it...Have a great week!

  13. Hello La,
    what a fun. Yes, you are absolutely right. How can one think of living without ice cream.
    Best greetings, Johanna


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