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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Her Whimsical Musings by Cindy Adkins

Many of you know Cindy Adkins.  She is a multi-media artist with amazing talent. Her blog, Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings and online magazine Whimsical Musings Magazine are fun, sweet, and beautiful.  It is impossible for me to visit Cindy and not feel refreshed.  She has such a light spirit, a kind heart and is remarkably talented.  

Have you visited Cindy's Etsy shop?  Oh my, my, my.  Many of the beautiful creations she shares on her blog are for sale. 
Cindy Adkins
Several weeks ago, she featured this lovely Birdsong Bird tin.  Chosen by Etsy to be featured in a Shabby Chic Etsy Treasury, I think I looked at it daily until finally I HAD TO HAVE IT!  

The tin included a shabby decorated egg and a clay tag.  What I received was amazing.  The box arrived within a few short days.  When I opened it, I was greeted with this sweet little tag. 
When pulled back the tissue paper, I found the box was filled with loveliness.  Not only had Cindy sent me the tin and its contents, but she sent some additional goodies for me to treasure, a spring garland and a beautiful tag.
Garland and Tag
Let's take a closer look at the contents of the box. 

The quality of Cindy's work is amazing.  I'm sure I will be visiting her shop again soon... Who am I kidding?  I visit a couple times a week.   I hope to bump into you next time I'm visiting.  




  1. A song in your heart! how precious, love the tag too

  2. I love the box! Cindy makes some beautiful things!

  3. I have some of Cindy's beautiful work too and I'm always so in awe of her talent. Lovely things.

  4. What a sweet gift...her work is wonderful!
    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  5. Oh, Wow! That is amazing. I'll jump over there and check her out.

  6. What a pretty package La! So nice of Cindy to included the extra goodies:@)
    PS-I see you won the cookbook from The Hungry Housewife-congrats!

  7. Wow, such lovely things! Her work is absolutely amazing and it's clear she did not dissapoint you!


  8. La,

    It is just beautiful. What a wonderful extra surprise.



  9. Hi La,
    Oh gosh, I am so surprised to see this post! It was so fun getting your box ready--I love to make surprises to go inside--isn't that what life is all about? I am wishing you a happy day and can't wait 'til your new package arrives there...I'll send it in the next few days!

  10. How sweet La..those are really pretty!

  11. this is lovely...
    i'm going for a visit now :D

  12. La, this is GORGEOUS! No wonder you couldn't live without it. So glad you got it!!!


    Sheila :-)

  13. What a fun box and exras are always good. Joni

  14. Everything is just gorgeous. I love Cindy's attention to details. Your photography of her work is wonderful too. I will have to go visit - all this amazing talent!

  15. You left comment #10--and you've won Lori Wilde's new book. Please email and put I WON in the header.

  16. OH this is lovely! Cindy does such beautiful work and is the sweetest person!

  17. I just love Cindy, and her work, to pieces!
    Beautiful, both what you ordered, and all that she sent you!
    She is a very gifted, and giving person.

    barbara jean

    PS came over to say thanks for the visit, and almost forgot. re baby shoes: do not know if kids still wear them, but sure do love the old ones I get.

  18. You'll bump into ME! I love Cindy's beautiful art! She makes everything lovely! I know you had fun opening that package! She made me something special...and I will treasure it always! What a sweet friend she is! Enjoy your wonderful treasures! ♥

  19. Oh.. my.. such a gorgeous box.. Totally loved it.. You've got a beautiful blog... Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.. :-)


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