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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Recently I shared my mumkins with you HERE for Beth’s Pumpkin Party. I received a lot of comments about them so I thought I would do a short post so I can give you a better look.

I purchased them from my niece, Makayla and my friend’s daughter, Kenzie. They were both selling them for a school fund raiser. They are, by far, my favorite fund raiser item. I love Girl Scout Cookies and Boy Scout Popcorn, but after an hour (because I have no self-control) you have nothing to show for your money.

These wonderful mumkins last and the container may be used again the following year.
The quality of the mum is top-notch and the price is very reasonable. The small mumkin is $20 and the large is $25. I think that is amazing!

Look at how full they are.

When Halloween is over, you simply turn the pot and now you are decorated for Thanksgiving.


  1. They still look great! I just turn my G-Mom-B's jack-o-lantern around for November too, works well! Happy Sunday, burritos for dinner here, Woo-Hoo:@)

  2. I think they are the best fundraiser item I've ever seen! Perfect for the season, long lasting, plus so darn cute!

  3. I thought they were mums in real pumpkins. I love that you can reuse them. So much better than cookies and candy.

  4. Hi La,
    this Mumkins are cute. And you are very clever to turn them after Halloween. They are really pretty.
    Greetings, Johanna

  5. Hi sweet La,

    Such a great idea. I love how you turn them around and keep them through November! Love it. *hugs always*

  6. Ah, so the pot is not a real pumpkin!

  7. That's very cool! clever!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I've been to the Franklin Park Conservatory and seen the Chihuly exhibit. About 4 years ago, I attended a wedding there-a beautiful setting!

  8. Those pumpkins are so cute Lori. I remember Cheryl saying Mak was selling some cute stuff for her school, but we live so far away. In some neighborhoods, they would have been stolen.

  9. what CUTE mumkins! Way to be RESOURCEFUL!
    I love it!

    Thanks for following along: TWELVE DAYS OF CREATIVE CHRISTMAS! You always brighten my day!

    Have a great week!
    Love, Brenda

  10. Hi La,
    I thought they were real pumpkins. That's even better.. now you can use them again and again. They are so pretty! Great price too.
    Have a good week, Annette

  11. I love it, and it came complete with the mums! Now why don't the kids around here sell those....I will just have to buy more wrapping paper!!


  12. La, these are just adorable!!!!! Love them!

    Ps…My toe is MUCH better. Thank you for asking. :o)

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  13. You are so clever..."turn them around and you're ready for Thanksgiving". haha! My kind of decorating. These are adorable too. I need one just for the name, alone. Precious!!!!


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