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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joel Bags a Deer

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile have met my nephew, Joel.

He's a football player...

and a Baseball Player...

He has been hunting since he was a young boy. Try as he might, he has never been able to get a deer. Consequently, he has had to put up with a lot of ribbing from his family and friends....even his Aunt La. I know....I'm bad.

All that ends today, because Joel got his first deer today!
Congratulations, Joel!


  1. Congrats to Joel. Looks like a good size too. Are you having venison on Thanksgiving now?

  2. Oh Dear Oh Deer. Quite a sad tale as I love to see deers in the park and I would certainly never eat venison!!! Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  3. I agree with you Jackie :(... i love how you changed your page for the holidays :)

  4. congrats to Joel
    my hubby is upstate for bear
    told him we already have a BEAR :)


  5. Congrats to your nephew on the deer. I don't think I could ever shoot one though.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Congratulations Joel! What time should I come over for dinner? :-)


  7. Congratulations to Joel! My brothers always hunted every year. I can't stand the taste of venison myself, but my Mom always tried to sneak it into the meatloaf. As if you can't tell it's not beef.

  8. Forgot to mention - love the new Holiday decor on the blog.

  9. Hi La

    I saw a deer like that today on the road, he had run out in front of a car and a lot of damage was done to the car and the driver was quite shaken!!

    In Richmond Park which is a Royal Park they close twice a year in November and February and cull lots of the deer.

    Again Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  10. Yay Joe! I wish he could get the deer that eat my roses. Happy WW.

  11. That is wonderful he finally got him a deer. I have a six year old great grandson and he would live in the woods if we let him. He is not big enough to shoot deer but he goes with his dad and watches. He gets just as excited watching.

  12. Congrats!....Everyone round here hunts,and for weeks that is all anyone talks about,and when someone lucks up and bags one the talk lingers for days,hehehe. Great job!..I will be showing Mr NLOL this photo when he gets home from work.Every day he ask has anyone posted pic on blog or facebook.hehehe.What can I say it's our way of life round here.

  13. Wow congratulations to Joel. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Outdoor Wednesday


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