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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Courting Spring: Baseball Practice

Hello Friends.

Spring must be right around the corner because Joel's high school baseball team started practice this week.  Before you know it, we'll be in short sleeves, shorts, and sandals.  Woo-hoo!

You'll remember Joel is my nephew who was named 2010 Defensive Player of the Year his sophomore year of playing varsity baseball.  He is anxious to get out on the field this year as a junior.  
Undoubtedly, we will be spending lots of time at the park again this year as his younger brothers, Austin and Haiden, follow Joel's lead.
Joel, Austin, and Haiden
Unfortunately, Austin found out the hard way what happens when you take your eye off the ball.  It can be Ugly. 
Somehow the ball kept itself on his eye.  It still hurts to look at this picture of him.  

Although the boys are still weeks away from stepping into the batter's box in front of the Umpire, baseball practice is a sure sign that winter is nearly over.   
I am linking this post to Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday meme where each week we share a post inspired by a letter of the alphabet.  This post was brought to you by the Letter U.  



  1. That's a great U word for Alphabe-Thursday. Austin sure got a whopper there. My Grandson B just got hit in the eye with a bat by his brother. He's got quite a shiner too. Cute post.

  2. That is so cool all the boys are into baseball. THat is quite the shiner...OUCH!

  3. Oh man...what a shiner! Bless his heart!

    We are flooding pretty bad here in Marysville. We passed a park yesterday afternoon that was flooded pretty bad. But some girls had found a dry patch and were practicing soccer.

    Here's to warmer weather!!!

  4. That eye! I was just telling a mom today (at baseball practice!) that I didn't think I was ready for Tommy to be interested in tackle-football. I always thought of baseball as a non-contact sport. :(

  5. oh we love baseball season!

    Can't wait for Spring!

  6. Ouch! No wonder I was always afraid of the ball.

    Hope they all have good (and safe) seasons!


  7. I have always loved to watch the little ones play ball. They are fearless! What a shiner he got! Ouch!

  8. Oh dear, I'm glad he didn't damage his eye permanently....

    what a cutie he is! I am in awe of people with natural athletic ability.

  9. that's a good way to signal the beginning of spring. Wishing Austin is feeling better. {:-Deb

  10. Summer, boys and baseball go together!

  11. Oh, that eye makes me shiver, too. I like the way you phrased that!

    We have no-one in baseball in the family and basketball are the sports of choice, but I miss watching those sweet, sincere faces playing ball.

    Thanks for a wonderful memory and a tiny shudder this week.



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