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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Irish Dancing

Jordan assures me he could dance far better than these little lassies. He nearly brought down the house, literally, when he tried to show me his skills.


  1. They are really talented. Jordan must have been really cute trying to dance like them.

  2. Amazing! I need ibuprofen just watching! As for Jordan's skills, I'll wait to comment until I see his video:@)

  3. Fantastic dancers, and enjoyable to watch!

  4. I have a photo of my Husband and son "doing Irish dancing", my son in his dressing gown, they were a hoot!
    We had just returned from watching Michael Flatley in Riverdance and they were obviously inspired LOL

  5. Hi La,
    we attended once a show of Irish "Riverdance" and "Lord of the Dance" in Germany. Was quite amazing. The skills of the young ladies look very similar. I am curious about Jourdan's dance, could you tape his dance or was the floor too much shaking?
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Oh La, see you stopped by, and love this video. Will you be posting one of your Irish dancer as well, lol. You are quite right, we Ohioans need some nice weather for a change of pace. Right now it is overcast gray skies and still cold and damp out there. Maybe tomorrow some sunshine??

  7. Aren't they darling? And SO talented!!


  8. do we have to buy tickets to see Jordan's show?
    i was in love with Michael Flatley...give me an irish jig anyday =)

  9. How fun! My dad was telling me they had Irish Dancers at his church this morning. He was so impressed by both the costumes and the dancing!

  10. Love your post....I have been clogging for years and years and adore it. The times I was in Ireland studying my fiddle I had the best time dancing with them. How they can dance so erect I will never know. Thanks for your kind words about my post. It took all day to put it together. Had to get into my archives to find the photos and then select some for the mosaic. Writing it out was the hardest part....trying to put my feeling into words. I appreciate you thoughtful comment. Hugs.

  11. I love this kind of dancing. I bet this would really burn off the calories - ha!

    Thanks for the smile.


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