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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Spoiled

Hello Friends.

How was your day?  Mine was fairly uneventful, just a normal Thursday afternoon in March.  

When I got home, there was a big box waiting for me.  Hmmm...  

I haven't won anything from the World of Blog...  

Where did it come from?  

QVC.  I knew I hadn't ordered anything. Aunt Cheryl (with whom I like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day) works at QVC.

What could it be?  

The box said Perishable open upon arrival.  Hmm...I wonder.  Could it be?  Dare I hope??  Oh, I dare - I dare!

I tore open the box like Charlie Bucket opened his birthday Wonka Bar hoping to see THE golden ticket.

It is!  It is!!  (Happy Dance) 

Woo-hoo!  It's a St. Patrick's Day basket of Cheryl's Cookies!  No, my aunt isn't THE Cheryl, but she is MY Cheryl.   
Now, I'm not so spoiled that I won't share the cookies with the family.  I'll share....everything except my favorite butter cream iced cut-out cookies.  Those are my favorite and I will get physical with anyone who dares touch them.  I'm just kidding...or am I?

Thanks, Aunt Cheryl!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Maybe I'll make it down next year.  




  1. Wow! How great it is to have an Aunt Cheryl :)

  2. WOO HOO! Nothing like a cookie to make it a party! Lovin' that great ribbon and you have a cute basket to decorate with too-enjoy:@)

  3. What a great way to open the mail. Cookies...yum.

  4. Wooo Hooo you sure are spoiled! What a fun basket to receive! Joni

  5. What a wonderful surprise! Your Aunt Cheryl sounds so thoughtful and she did a wonderful job making that basket full of cookies so pretty!

  6. Yum! Lucky gal! You are spoiled! haha! But don't we all need to be spoiled every once in awhile? I love your aunt who works at QVC too! Hint-hint! :))) Enjoy!

  7. What can be more fun than a gift basket. What a nice thing to receive. Lucky girl.


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