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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Seasons

Happy Spring!

As I reflect on the past few months, I realize what a real whiner I've been.  I'd like to say I won't ever return to that mind-set....
YEP, I'd LIKE to be able to say that, but I'm a northerner and winter will return again to torture me.  The ETA of my next Winter Whine Session is on or about November 1, 2011.  In my defense, it has been an especially harsh winter here in Ohio.  Mother Nature showered us with colder than normal temperatures and one snow and/or ice storm after the other.   
The one good thing I can say about winter is that it makes me appreciate spring all the more.  I have a cousin you lived in Hawaii while in the Navy.  He missed the changing seasons.  I guess too much of a good thing loses its luster.  I'd be willing to test that theory if anyone wants to sponsor my experiment.     

Enough of looking back.  Sweet Spring is here at last!  Woo-hoo!  (Happy Dance)
Did you see the moon Saturday night? 
Did you think it looked larger and closer than usual?  It is called a Perigee Moon or a Super Full Moon.  A Super Full Moon occurs about every 18 years.  To read more about the Perigee Moon, visit Pat at Mille Fiori Favoriti HERE to read all about it.  
I love the halo of light emitting from the moon in these photos. 



  1. I did see the moon, my mother in law told me about it. She was all excited for some reason.

  2. Cute new header La! Yep, time to look forward to a pleasant spring-enjoy:@)

  3. Yes I saw the moon, it was hard to miss and sooo beautiful! I am also looking forward to spring!

  4. I would love a sponsor for that experiment to La. Gorgeous Moon!

  5. The moon was gorgeous. Wish I would have thought to take photos!

  6. The moon was beautiful and we used to live year round in Florida and I did miss the changing seasons. Now as snowbirds I miss them again.

  7. I almost posted an entry about that big ol' moon! But did a leprechaun one instead! I hope your spring is here for good. Here in Atlanta, I think we are past the point of no return, thank goodness! I love each season as they come, but can't wait to get to the next one as the current one winds down. Spring! Enjoy!

  8. The moon was a huge orange balloon on Saturday night. Where was I? In the car, with no camera :-O
    It is definatley spring here today, really sunny, warm and the sound of birds is almost deafening, as they do their courting and stake out their territory. Enjoy it all, you have earned it!

  9. I have been a bit of a whiner too as we DIDN't have the snow this year -- but I do love living in 4 season land. Have lived before in a state that didn't have it and I missed it. Hope you have a wonderful week. Love the Spring Look of your blog. Joni

  10. I have been whining since November also and it is still snowing here (another four inches predicted tonight)


  11. Hi La!
    We are expecting snow on Wednesday -- hopefully this has to be the last snow now that it is spring!

    No new grandson as yet ..he is taking his time just like his older brother who was 9 days late when he was born. :)

  12. I missed the moon!!! I sae them talking about it on the Today show and was upset with myself for missing it. Who knows if I will remember what the moon is when the Super Full Moon comes around again in another 18 years.

  13. It really has been a hard winter for most of the country! I know everyone is ready for Spring! Great shots of the moon! It was amazing, wasn't it? I'm having a giveaway...hope you'll stop by again soon! ♥

  14. Great shots of the Super Moon. I have been whining about the snow and cold weather this past winter. I could really enjoy moving to a warmer climate when I retire. I enjoye dyour post and photos.


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