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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Have you heard?
Have they proclaimed his findings?
Did he see it?
How much longer? 

It’s here!
February 2, 2011…
The day we northerners hope for gloomy weather…
The morning we awake and pensively wait for the news…

Punxatawny Phil saw it?

What about Buckeye Chuck?


  1. That's the first report I have had. Now Don and I are trying to remember which way it goes.....longer or shorter....Have to google it.

  2. Woo Hoo! Punky Phil says spring is on it's way! Think I'll just bask in that thought for a while:@)

  3. I totally forgot about Groundhog Day! Let's hope for sprng! This wind and ice is awful. I don't mind snow, but this stuff is no fun at all!

  4. It's supposed to be a shorter winter according to Phil, but I'm not buying it. He may have been just too cold to be thinking straight.

  5. Phil says Spring will be here soon but we don't know what Buckeye Chuck is going to say yet...unless I just haven't heard. Hey, why not go with the notion that Spring "could" be here soon...give us all a lift today, right?~Hugs, Patti

  6. That is one of my favourite films ever!

  7. Happy Groundhog day, spring is in the air!


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