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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring is Right Around the Corner

Woo-hoo! Neither Punxsutawney Phil nor Buckeye Chuck saw their shadows this morning.  You know what that means?!  Spring is right around the corner.  Armed with this great news, I sat on the corner all morning watching for it.  

I took yesterday off due to the freezing rain.  This what our bushes looked like Tuesday after Phase 1 of this monster winter storm.   

 I decided to try to get into work this afternoon.  I set out for work just before 10:00 and this is what my commute looked like.  
It wasn't snowing much, but it was surely blowing what we had all around.  This picture was taken at the southern edge Marion City.
A snowplow was ahead of me for several miles.  I appreciated the clearing he provided.  From time-to-time, he disappeared from view.  We had very little snow, folks; most of this is ice.  
About halfway to work the ice damage to the trees became more evident.  Thousands of people in Delaware and Franklin Counties (Columbus is in Franklin County) have been without power since late yesterday.  

You can see how the ice is built up on the power lines and the trees are leaning over the lines dangerously.   

 The ice and wind was just too much for this line.  The State Highway Patrol had the road blocked for safety.  I turned around after taking a few pictures.  

  Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that spring is right around the corner.   
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  1. Oh you got out like we did! My husband cannot sit by and not go see the action! LOL

  2. I'm glad you got back home safely. You were brave to even venture out. I'm so ready for spring but when I see your pictures I feel guilty for even complaining.
    Have a good rest of the week and stay warm!

  3. I'm glad you made it safely home. we have had ice like that in other years and it can be rough. Please stay safe and warm. Spring is coming.

  4. The snow I don't mind! But the ice I don't like. Ice is much more dangerous when people are venturing out!

  5. Oh my goodness, La, so glad you got home safe! You should see how people drive here in California with a wee bit of rain. :-/ We'd never survive where you are! I am ready for spring. Since November. LOL

  6. Hello La,
    yes, tell the nature, its enough now. I am fed up with winter and I guess a lot of people, too. But thank God, we have no natural desasters here like flooding or blizzards. This elctric line looks really dangerous for me.
    Take care!
    Greetings, Johanna

  7. La,
    Sounds like it was a wee bit rougher up there. Our roads were actually pretty good, just the sidewalks and parking lots were treacherous. This winter can't end soon enough, but everyday we're one day closer to spring with all it's beauty. Stay safe & warm.

  8. Looks like an ugly commute! Did you make it in?

  9. We really lucked out over here in Zanesville. I know some family and friends who were without power in Columbus, and Powell but as far as I know everything is back on. I am starting to see something bright...could it be the sun????~Hugs, Patti

  10. LA those are such beautiful pics of something that can cause a lot of damage -- but they are so BEAUTIFUL! Joni

  11. A little scary but beautiful!

    Did you have to look up how to spell Punxsatawney? I could not have spelled it!

    Hope it is over very soon.

  12. Certain parts of Dayton still don't have power! But we were lucky in my area- just a few broken branches in our yard. Lots of ice.... Had a brief snow squall last nite, but with the sun today, it is melted a lot of it. I stayed in Wed. w/the husband. We watched lots of television! Stay warm, La! I hear we are getting more snow again.
    hugs, Sue

  13. Wow, you got it so much worse than we did. glad you got home safely!


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