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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alphabe Thursday: Letter : X is for Xavier

Today I am once again joining Jenny Matlock for her Alphabe-Thursday meme.  We have been working our way through the alphabet since last fall.  This week, we are honoring the letter X.  Please hop over to Jenny's blog and check out all the other X entries.  

If you are an American, you would have to be living under a rock in the middle of the desert to not know that we are smack dab in the middle of March Madness.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this phenomenon,  the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) holds a tournament to determine the National Champion in basketball.  This tournament is dubbed March Madness because it is held in March.  

March Madness is a very big deal and is responsible for much of the non-work-related Internet usage during work hours throughout the US.  Many offices run brackets with the top three prognosticators winning money.  This year, our company is running a bracket with gift cards for prizes.  
As you know, I am a football fan.  I don't follow basketball nor do I have a great deal of knowledge about the game.  I entered one bracket (for money) some years ago and faired poorly.  This year, however, I decided to enter the free company bracket.  

After the first day of play, yours truly was sitting atop the office standings.  I have since dropped to 4th place, but I am still holding my own.

One of my losses was the Xavier v. Marquette game.  I chose Xavier to win....they normally have a good team....they were the Number 6 seed over Marquette's 11th seed....they are an Ohio team.  
 Xavier, you let me down.  


UPDATE: Since writing this post, I have dropped to 31st in the brackets with little hope of rebounding (pun intended) because I had Notre Dame in the finals.  I'm glad I have no money riding on my bracket.   


  1. Good for you for still being in it! I usually just made a donation to MM. Speaking of donations... I guess we didn't win the $260 mil lottery last night, no phone calls. Looks like I have to go to work after all. Reality can be so harsh sometimes:@(

  2. Oh well there is always next year. Have fun playing along. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. My husband makes his bracket every year for fun with our sons...the local newspaper prints up a bracket sheet...he has Ohio to win it all I think. I never pay attention though...Good luck rebounding!

  4. I've never done this but everyone in my family does.

    My youngest grandson's middle name is Xavier...I probably would have gone with Xavier.:-)

  5. I am not into sports at all UNLESS a grand is playing...and we are on our way to a basketball game, as I speak.

    Just wanted to say we never get too old to miss our mamas...:((( I am missing mine, too, and here I am,...older than she was when she passed away. :(

  6. I went to Villanova for grad school but they are out!
    La, I got those little yellow ramekins a few years ago, but you never know, they could have them again. They have plain yellow in HG.
    Good Luck!

  7. La, I find basketball really difficult to watch. We do have a pretty good team here in Arizona, so we always root for them, though.

  8. OK, I don't follow football but like NBA basketball! To each her own, huh...

    Hang on to your pennies for next year:)

  9. My husbands picks aren't doing well either.

  10. Cute post! Don't you feel sorry for the players that don't win?

  11. Well if nothing else, it sure provided you with a Great Letter X! Myself, I'm a Duke Fan, and not just because they are Top Ranked! They are just Xtraordinary Hoopsters! Hang in tough...ya never know!

  12. basketball is a favorite sport to watch with DH, so you, I know. Our "home" team isn't in the play-off... but I like watching the girls play. {:-Deb

  13. I love sports so basketball is a top three favorite! Great post!

  14. Hi La, I usually play the office NCAA bracket for March Madness, however this year I was on holiday during the start...

    I was going to North Carolina State back in 1983 when we won the NCAA championship.

    I learned then that nobody can predict anything and that upsets are made in the last second.

    I absolutely love the excitement.

    Thanks for sharing.



  15. I'm not much of a basketball fan either, La, but Xavier is a wonderful "X" name!

    Thanks for your congratulations on my new grandson!

  16. The men in my family LOVE to do the brackets. They like March Madness even better than NBA stuff.


  17. Yeah ... i dont follow the sport myself ... but it was a great take on X ... very well done!

  18. Utah is completely obsessed with "Jimmer mania". I must say, though, he is kind of a cute kid!

  19. I confess, I haven't followed college basketball for several years, but I still pay attention to March Madness! Glad you didn't have any money riding on the outcome.


  20. I've been watching some of the games. Xavier is in my hometown. Now we've seen Ohio State and UC loose. Bultler is still in. (I used to live in Indianapolis.) The games are often very eXciting!

  21. Wow, I must've lived under a rock all those years when I was living in the US because I never knew about March Madness. Though no one in my family follows sports so it's pretty much the reason why I know nothing about football or sports in general. :)

  22. Between my husband and one of my good friends I definitely know about March Madness!

    It seems sooo complicated to me. I like just watching our third grade granddaughter play b-ball. Seems a lot simpler.

    Thanks for an x-cellent link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "X".



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