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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mystery of the Missing Neighborhood Watch Commander

Please don’t think my Florida trip was all about fun in the sun and relaxation. I was a woman on a mission. Shortly before my trip, I received disturbing news; the neighborhood watch commander at my Aunts’ apartment complex (I told you about him HERE) was missing. He hadn't been seen in weeks.

Upon hearing this disheartening bulletin, my mind spun out of control with questions. How could this be? Is his abrupt departure the result of the nefarious deeds of an underworld society? Did he fall prey to gangland activity, an alligator’s jaws, OR had he simply run off to South Beach with some hot chick?

Determined to get answers to these burning questions, I set off for Florida. The neighborhood was eerily quiet when I arrived. There was an underlying tension that can only be attributed to a strictly enforced, through fear of retribution, code of silence. It was too dark for me to see much, but I could feel eyes upon me. First thing in the morning, I would start my investigation.

Grabbing all my investigative tools, I set out to hunt for clues. I looked high and low for the Commander.

He wasn’t by the air conditioning unit.

He wasn’t in the brush,

and he wasn’t at the pond.

While at the pond, I asked a few bystanders if they'd seen the Commander...

Just as I was turning away from the pond, I spied some gang activity. I knew it! One of these thugs did something to the Commander. Look at them hiding behind their red masks.

But wait! The last day I was in town we heard a faint cock-a-doodle-doo coming from down the street. I looked, but I didn't see anything. Is this a trick? I had to leave Florida without answers to this mystery; however, I've received these Facebook messages from my Aunts.

Cheryl said:
Hey guess who was here this morning & I think he was looking for you since he was right outside looking at the door. That's right the rooster was here, I think he was on a trip & heard you were coming to visit but, did not get back in time to see you. That is very sad for both of you...:(

Auntie Mare said:
I just saw a rooster go by the window. Didn't really look like the "neighborhood watch commander" but maybe this one took over. He looked a little smaller and had shorter tail feathers. Maybe he's just been ill.

What do you think? Is the Commander back or is this an impostor? Because I am dedicated to you, my readers, I am willing to sacrifice and return to Florida to get to the bottom of this mystery.


  1. You have such a cute sense of humor. I love posts that make me laugh and say"Hey Don, listen to this". My husband just smiles at me and wonders what happened to his other wife" think there was a shift in power and another rooster is impersonating him. Look in the

  2. I don't know. They have those gators in Florida you know. Just saying.

  3. LOL! La, I enjoyed reading your post. Maybe he retired and the smaller rooster is his replacement.He's probably on some exotic island as we speak!
    Have a good day. Annette

  4. I'll bet he ran off with a chicky, you know how guys are:@)

  5. I am glad you were on the case even if the mystery isn't completely solved. I hope this will have a good ending! Great post! Smiles to you, Pam

  6. I thought, wait a minute I have seen this post, I checked the date....Oh wait, he's gone....Or maybe not. I hope not!


  7. Uh oh...I am not sure on Mr. Commandor...may be an imposter. You could write a comic strip!

  8. He could be dressed up for halloween in that gang of chickens!! Hugs. tammy

  9. I almost missed this. I think a return trip is necessary. Any excuse for a Florida trip is reasonable to me. I'm heading that way soon myself!

  10. You definitely have to go back there. Florida sounds wonderful and I hope to go there once again, maybe next year.

  11. An interesting tale of fun and adventure! I love Florida's warm weather!

  12. I think that it is an imposter and that you ought to come back to Florida and find the real commander! We need him to guard our state's borders, not to mention its air conditioners! ;-)


    Sheila (Mrs. Magpie) :-)


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