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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alphabe Thursday: Letter D (Florida Pictures too)

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Miss Jenny, I’m sorry I missed class last week. I overslept, I mean I was sick, I mean I was kidnapped, …ummmm …ok, I was on vacation in Florida, but I promise not to let it happen again. I was in Florida researching this week’s meme....yeah, that's it!

D is for Delicious, Delectable, and Decadent Floridian Dinners. While in Florida last week, I threw caution to the wind and enjoyed fabulous food and Drink. I enjoyed everything from fish tacos in Orlando to my cousin, Melanie’s Mediterranean Veggie Pizza and her husband, Kurt’s grilled steak.

One night, we had dinner on Hutchinson Island at a waterfront tiki restaurant where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset,

while sipping Rum Runners. I ordered the stuffed chicken with grilled vegetables. The skinless chicken breast was stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, and andouille sausage. It was fabulous!

The next day, my Aunt Cheryl and I went to Vero Beach and ate at the Oceanside Grill, which sets right on the beach. The food, Décor, and view at this restaurant are amazing.

I ordered the Crab au Gratin (Blue crab in a cream sherry sauce with a Parmesan cheese crust) and Southern Rice. Check out the view from our table…

When was the last time I had
such beautiful scenery while eating?

Nevermore, quoth the raven.

I’ve never seen a restaurant so elaborately Decorated for Halloween. Check it out…

I wonder what they do for Christmas?


  1. We head for the winter in central Florida the 25th and hope to make some trips to the beach. There is a pool in the retirement park we stay in so we kind of stay around that. We're lazy.

    The food and sights were great to see. I'd hate to dust all their Halloween decorations or does dust make them look more realistic?

  2. That looks awesome. What nice time this looks to be. Glad you enjoyed it. Fun decorations.

  3. I went downt o panama city beach many years ago and I loved going in and out of every little shop and restaraunt. The food was great and the people were friendly. It looks like you took it all in as well. Your pictures are beautiful. Hugs. Tammy

  4. Sounds fabulous! I'm pretty sure I gained five pounds just by reading your post.

  5. Looks like a fun trip~ gorgeous scenery & yummy food :-)

  6. I used to live in Florida and I really miss all the wonderful seafood. I'm happy to see that you took full advantage of it while you were there..

  7. OMGoooodness....I mean really good foodness! Everything looked so wonderful....the food, the views and even the skeleton...Delightful D post.

  8. Delightful sunset & delicious looking food!!

  9. The sunset is very beautiful! Halloween must be a big draw for the patrons of this restaurant.

  10. This is a delightful post. The food and sunsets and fun! What a treat and ditching school for a cool vacation! HeeHee Anne

  11. I am now dying to get back to the coast and have fresh crab and fresh shrimp! There is no taste like the FRESH seafood taste.

  12. The meals look wonderful! I would love to sit and aavor either of the dishes you selected.

  13. Awesome! Thanks for reminding me not to take it for granted!

  14. Looks like you had a great time. And you made me hungry for lunch!


  15. It looks like you had a fun (and yummy) vacation!

  16. Love Oceanside Grill! Sounds like good times.

  17. Oh, yummy! I need to take a break and have a meal. Too many photos of delicious food.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's D-word Alphabe-Thurs
    Sara Cat's abcWED-round-7-M

  18. Wow! Thanks for taking us along on your vacation for this stop on Alphabe-Thursday!

    That was some yummy looking food you found...and delightful scenery.

    I'm glad you weren't sick and were just off having a wonderful time.

    Thank you for linking.


  19. Oh man the chicken looks and sounds delish. Glad you had a enjoyable trip with great food to go with.


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