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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins on Parade

I'm joining Beth's Pumpkin Party.

Nothing says fall like pumpkins. We use them to bring warm autumnal color to our homes, we carve funny or scary faces in them for Halloween, and we use them as ingredients for sweet and savory dishes.

A basket of pumpkins and gourds
adds warm color to the living room decor.

The Dollar Tree is a great source for pumpkins.

Pumpkin Cloche

Giant Pumpkin Float in the
Marion Popcorn Festival Parade

My Mumkins are finally blooming.

Jack -O'Lantern*

The jack -o'lantern chuckled
Then winked his funny eye,
"I would rather be a pumpkin-face
Than be inside a pie!"

Jolly wolly pumpkin face
You're happy tell us why.
I'd rather be a pumpkin face
And not a pumpkin pie!



  1. You have such a sweet collection of cute pumpkins. La. I love how you have your mums displayed on your porch in the little guys!! Nicely done! :-)


  2. Everything looks great La! I'm lovin' your mumkins:@)

  3. A Pumpkin Party! How cool! You remind me that I need to put a few out. I'm feeling fall but so far haven't done as much decorating as I should have.

    Great mosaics! Halloween will be here before you know it!

  4. Your mumkins are just gorgeous!!!

    Happy Sunday!!!

  5. Next year I'm definitely having Mumkins!! Too cute!

  6. Love all your pumpkins. This is one of the loveliest falls I've seen and your pictures really capture that.

  7. I love the cloche and the planters are adorable! Would you believe we have digressed back into the 90's here in Florida....Oh, we can't wait for a little crisp fall air!


  8. I love the pumpkin mums!! Great ideal. Tammy

  9. Hello!

    I LOVE your Pumpkin Inspiration! Happy Halloween to you!

    Deck The Halls OF HOME with JOY!

  10. I love this festive and colorful post. It is truly in the Halloween spirit. So clever and cute. Happy Halloween week to you. g

  11. This is such a fun and colorful post! I've always thought pumpkins are so cheerful. I love the children's rhyme -- saving this so I can recite it to my grandson :)

  12. What a fun post! I wish I hadn't gotten so behind on my blogging. I would have loved to have joined the pumpkin party!
    Thank you for always leaving such nice comments on my blog!

  13. Hi La, Something about pumpkins and the season they represent. All the memories throughout the years...carving, cooking, picking them from the patch. Thanks for the memories of "pumpkins past". *hugs*

  14. I really love your mumkins! They are so cute. Very neat parade too. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. What an adorable pumpkin post, cute..and I love the poem...
    Thanks so much for coming over today...:)

  16. I ♥ ♥ ♥ your "mumkins"!!! Very creative!
    Lots of pretty pictures, too. Thanks for sharing all of them.

  17. A great pumpkin post and I love your mumkins!!

    We don't seem to celebrate Halloween as much here as in the USA, possibly as November 5th Guy Fawkes day is a bigger thing here, for fireworks etc.. I will compose a post as to why we do it nearer the time.
    See here if you cannot wait:-

    Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  18. What cute Fall pumpkin decorations. I think my grandkids would love the float the best - it's very cool. My senior mom would love the mumkins for sure. We'll have to add that to the gardening list for next year. And I loved the cute little autumn scarecrow in a pumpkin by the basket. Very cute pumpkins all, for a delightful fall pumpkin party!

  19. Adorable pumpkins. I love the mums in the pumpkins...very cute!

  20. Hi La, I absolutely adore your mumkins! They are a stunning accent to your entry. Like your mosaic too - very pretty. The basket of pumpkins and gourds looks nice on your coffee table. I really like the title of your blog - it's nice to be able to blog about a potpourri of things! Thanks for joining the Pumpkin Party, La!
    Blessings, Beth

  21. Love the flowers in the faces - we could use real pumpkins too i suppose - might get to that yet this week! Thanks for the ideas! - Please do drop by our pimpkin Party!
    The Jack-O-Lantern

  22. I have never heard of Mumkins before - love the idea!

  23. Hey La! Great pumpkins! I see we have a few dollar tree duplicates, love that store don't you? I really love your mums in the jack-o-lanterns! I have done that before too with the jacks on my steps. It's nice to do since the mums are so short lived and you don't have to worry about buying pots for them. That is one big pumpkin there at the parade. Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a Happy Halloween!

  24. I need, need, need to get to the Dollar Store. I am seeing great things everywhere from there. What a cute post. I loved it all, the ceramic pumpkins are great and your mumkins are adorable.

  25. La I love all of your pumpkins... especially the cloche and the mumkins. I have never been able to get mums to live and I love them. Guess I need to get some faux ones, lol.
    Have a great week, Annette

  26. I adore your cute is that!!!!

  27. I haven't heard mumkins before...but that is cute! Very nice pumpkins....enjoy the week!

  28. La,
    LOVE the mumkins! Have a great weekend!


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