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Monday, December 27, 2010

Farewell Christmas 2010

Hello Friends!

I hope each of you had a wondrous Christmas and you spent the day with those you love. It was a whirlwind of a day here, as usual. Our house was bursting at the seams with loved ones. I was a bad blogger and didn't take the first picture.

Now, as I sit at the computer, I realize all the hustle and bustle of the past several weeks is now over...until next year. Frankly, I'm beat. I look around and see things that need to be done, but I'm too tired to get up and do it. My whole body hurts. Are any of you feeling this way?

I took down the decorations yesterday. Here's the thing. I love Christmas decorations. I put them up the weekend after Thanksgiving and I enjoy all the reds and greens, the glitter and sparkle. However, the day after Christmas, it looks gaudy and garish. It has to go!

Jordan took the tree to the curb yesterday afternoon. This morning, I looked out my window and there was NO TREE. Did I mention it was windy here yesterday? Hmmm. I think I'm going to have to go searching for it. Hopefully, I won't find it sticking out of a neighbors front window.

To all my friends enduring the blizzard on the east coast - I hope you are warm and safe and you don't lose power.

For now, here's a look back at Christmas 2010:

Jordan and Joel cut down the perfect tree

French Hen Barn Sale with Buckeye Bloggers

Enjoying the lights at the Columbus Zoo

I will be linking up to Blue Monday. Hop over for a visit.


  1. I love that Columbus Zoo blue! I usually take my decorations down quickly too, as my son's birthday is December 31; however, this year, I have company coming today, so I left them up.

    I wish you a Happy Blue Monday and a Happy 2011, La.

  2. Nice Christmas decor. Happy blue Monday.

    mine is here

  3. I normally leave my stuff up until January 1st, but I'm going to pack up some of the little stuff today. Two days ago it looked all homey and warm and now it just looks cluttered. Hope you find the tree.

  4. I put our little stuff away Christmas night. With it just the two of us it didn't seem to be a problem. I normally don't decorate til the week before Christmas but did it earlier because of the us know where the tree

  5. I like the New Year theme page now. We are leaving our mini tree up until New Year and then it'll come's just 2 feet tall with1 string of lights so it wont be that bad. Hope you get some rest!

  6. Gorgeous Christmas displays!

    Here's my Blue Monday post, hope you can drop by.. happy holidays.

  7. Oh La, I am feeling the pain today as well. We had thirteen here yesterday. 8 actually didn't make it. I will gradually take down the decorations this week. I hate to say goodbuye to Christmas.. My husband's birthday is Wednesday and Little Mabel turns 2 on
    New Years Eve. Day. Mabel and her family (my son) are intown for another week so celebrations continue.
    So glad that the blogger /barn sale event was part of your review.
    I was a bit sad that the snow missed us but also worried about the East Coasters in this blizzard. They sure have had a winter already.
    So looking forward to the new year for sure and another meeting of great bloggers, hah. (((((HUGS))))

  8. Oh I am so with you!!!!! I must take everything down right after Christmas. My family thinks I'm nuts, but what else is new, ha!


  9. Wow. You're wicked fast at undecorating - ha!

    Sending you warm wishes for a wonderful 2011. If you need to borrow some of my reading glasses to find your tree, you are totally welcome to them!

  10. That is the best way to get ready for Christmas. Go out and cut a real tree.

  11. Since we got our tree late and I didn't decorate much, I can live with this a little longer. But I admit, some years I can't wait to get rid of it all!

    I'm sorry about your tree blowing away, but I had to laugh...someone is going to be wondering where it came from! ;-D


  12. been working on the same thing very true about the day after it all. I look around and think, you have got to go! My little guy was disappointed though when I was packing it up. Happy New Year.

  13. La, feeling the same here. Post holiday exhaustion. I do the same thing. The decoration goes up early and the day after Christmas it looses its' magic and has to go.
    Enjoy your week and try to get some rest.

  14. Hi La! Well, you are certainly on the ball getting your decorations down already! It'll take me a week, I'm sure of it. Just rest and get your strength back - you'll need it to start posting again!! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,

  15. La,
    I feel the same way ... exhausted! I see your countdown to Spring on your sidebar and I can't wait ... but 82 days!
    I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately. I am going to read your latest posts!

  16. I know! I usually leave my decor up till Jan 1st but I'm ready to get everything put away and start in on Valentines :). Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and for leaving a comment! Have a great week!

  17. Hey Miss LA!!!! I'm way behind on this thing called blogging! In all honestly I get really depressed in December. Thank you so much for thinking of me! It really means more than you could imagine! Your family is beautiful and it looks like y'all had a really great time!!!

    Also, Miss La! There is tons of coupon saving blogs out there! Tell me which grocery stores are around you and I will find you a blog that does covers that store for you!!!

    Happy new year!


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