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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fresh Winter Air

Hello Friends.

I hope all my friends in the blizzard zone are finally dug out and are able to move about freely. Stay warm and safe.

We have some snow on the ground, but not a lot. I think it will be gone by the weekend as the weatherman is calling for temperatures near 50* the next couple of days.

Bosco and I went out for a short time on Monday to get some fresh air....and to find the missing Christmas Tree. It was fairly cold, but the winds had diminished.

The sky was so blue that it
cast a blue reflection on the snow.

When Bosco's hair is long,

it's hard to tell if he is coming...

or going...

but a side view of his tell-tale tail
curled over his back gives him away.

We found the missing tree.
The wind had blown it up under our front shru

We played a bit longer in the field behind our house until we were scared inside by a giant snow monster who had eaten too many Christmas cookies.

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  1. Hello La

    It is lovely to get out in the fresh air after being in the house over Christmas, Pleased you found your tree and that it hadn't gone too far.

    All our snow has gone for now after the rain we have had for two days. The temperature is about 46f here in the UK so about the same as you!!

    Best wishes for 2011, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  2. La, our snow is about gone too. I've got to get out and find one of our window wreaths that blew off.
    Bosco looks like he's having fun. Does he lose his direction in the snow? Skipper tried twice to turn into our neighbors hard?

  3. So funny that you can't tell that puppy's behind from his fronthind. It is nice and sunny today. Love it when the sun shines.

  4. I wouldn't even want to see my shadow after eating and drinking all week!! Funny about the dog - Happy New Year!

  5. Your photos are cool and your words were so cute. I'm glad you found the a Happy New Year.

  6. Looks like you both had fun! Glad you found the tree and your Snow Monster's sister lives here:@)

  7. So cute! Is Bosco a shitzu? He looks like the owner of the stores dog that I used to work for. So glad he didn't sink! LOL! Glad you found the tree.

  8. Love the shadow shot. I did that once and laughed so hard, I looked like an you know why I laughed so hard!
    Happy new year La!

  9. We are supposed to get up to the 50's on Friday, but then it is going back down. It will be a nice little reprieve.

    Love your snow pictures and that cute little Bosco! What a doll!


  10. Hi La,
    What glorious pictures, so crisp, clean and beautiful. Bosco is a real cutie!
    Take care,

  11. Glad to see you are enjoying the snow, Bosco certainly looks like he's having fun!

  12. We had a laugh on this one! We've had a few things blow away lately too...Don't you just love Winter? :)

  13. Bosco is darling and enjoyed your little "outing" today! Happy New Year! ~ Hugs, Patti

  14. We have several snow monsters that ate too many cookies. We will be running around in our yard chasing each other and trying to work off the cookies in the new year.

  15. Love the story that goes along with the photos!

  16. HI La,
    What a super cute puppy!! And I love your photos of the snow, just beautiful!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and well wishes on my blog, it means so much to me!!
    I wish you a very joyous and healthy New Year!

  17. Looks like Bosco was having a great time. I hope you have a very Blessed New Year. Hugs, Marty

  18. Too cute. Fresh snow is so pretty especially when the sun comes out and makes it shine.


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