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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alphabe Thursday: K is for Kaleidoscope


1. A toy consisting of a tube containing mirrors and pieces of colored glass or paper, whose reflections produce changing patterns that are visible through an eyehole when the tube is rotated.
2. A constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects or elements

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What kid, young or old, doesn't love the wonderful illusions provided by a kaleidoscope?  Even now,at the half century mark, I have to pick one up at the store and play.  I know, I am a kid at heart.

These wonderful toys have been around since the early 1800s.  Not many toys have enjoyed such longevity.  Check out this giant kaleidoscope found at San Diego Harbor.  Have any of you had the opportunity to enjoy this gem?
San Diego Harbor: Wikipedia
I've never visited Sand Diego.  If I ever get the chance to go, I will hunt down this jewel.

Instead of showing you some kaleidoscope images, I played with some photos making them appear as though they are being viewed through a kaleidoscope. 

Fall foliage

American Flag


I hope you enjoyed this colorful post.  Please hop over to Miss Jenny's classroom to see more more homework assignments for the Letter K.  

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  1. Love the flag, very timely:@)

  2. Hey I've been so pre-occupied with the loss of my dawg(Dale-we had her since she was a puppy), my heart has'nt been into bloggin' but I sure appreciate your visit to LazyonLoblolly, and the reminder of your giveaway,count me in. And I also need to get busy on the letter K,for Alphabe Thursday, boy-o-boy I'm getting behind on my post, thanks again for visit and giveaway reminder!
    I'm going now to check it out!

  3. You did a great job on this, La! I used to love these when I was a child. I had a friend with a big collection of about 100. xo,

  4. Fun did a great job making the images!


  5. I've been to San Diego but never saw that giant kaleidoscope! If I ever get back there I will look for it, Fun "K" post, La!

  6. Somebody else did Kaleidoscope and until I saw that post I had completely forgotten about them. I've enjoyed the reminder from both of you. Now I'll have to go look for one in the store.

  7. Guess we were kinda on the same page this week. We both thought of kaleidoscope. :)

  8. fun post and great images. Have a great night.

  9. For some reason blogger won't let me enter your giveaway. Could you consider this my entry?
    Happy Bloggiversary!!!!! You have made our lives more beautiful! A great example of that is today's post.
    Kudos to you on 1 successful year!
    xo Yvonne

  10. WE actually were able to buy one of these before we were grown. I loved them and sill do. I find them fascinating.

  11. My sister LOVES that thing! she used to play with it all day long! and yes takes pictures true it and it would look lovely!

    I just hopped over from the real farmwives and i'm glad i did!

    Hope you come and have a look on my side of the fence


  12. La, I have always been in love with them!!! What a wonderful "K" word! Sorry that I am so anal, but my future life depends on what Congress decides. I may have to leave the country!!!!

  13. The giant kaleidoscope looks wonderful. I love watching the designs shift in them.

  14. I remember getting one for Christmas as a child. They bring back fond memories and they are pretty to look at as well!~Ames

  15. What a creative way to edit the pictures! I just love the daylily.

  16. I love kalidescopes! I lived in San Diego & never visited that one, so bummed! I was only 3 so it's not like I had a choice.... if I every get back there I will be checking that baby out!

  17. Great post for 'K'! I still love a kaleidoscopic!

  18. Oh wow, what a great "K," La!!! Adorable!!

  19. What a fun post. I love the kaleidoscope photos. You are so creative!

  20. Neat post. I've always loved kaleidoscopes.


  21. A lovely post. Must keep my eyes peeled for that next time I am in San Diego.

  22. I used to play this game and enjoyed it very much.
    love the shots.
    well done,

  23. Very cool! Love it.

  24. I've been to San Diego many times, but never seen that big Kaleidoscope! How awesome!

  25. Lovely, lovely, lovely La to share this kute post with us.

    I am enchanted with the flag image for some reason. So different and neat!

    Hope your Fourth of July weekend is filled with sun and sparkles!



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