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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lovely Lavender

Ladies fair, I bring to you

lavender with spikes of blue;

sweeter plant was never found

growing on our English ground."
Caryl Battersby

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  1. I love lavender too! I have a plant in a pot now that I need to move outside. I really hope I can get it to grow. I just adore this scent!

  2. You have some of my coffee cake and I'll take some of your lavender. How's that? I could almost smell it through the screen. One of my favorites without doubt. Okay, now I HAVE TO purchase something lavender. See what you did? Inspire.

    Have a wonderful day, La.

  3. Fabulous La, oh the colors! I'm off to your giveaway site...thanks for the heads up. Hugs from Idaho!

  4. Your lavender is gorgeous my friend! How nice of you to offer a giveaway. Have a wonderful day!

  5. I LOVE lavender, and want to plant some more next spring. I tried to go to your give away, but "it" wouldn't let me. I will try to remember to stop back by later! Thanks for telling me about it!

  6. I love lavender and that is beautiful, Char

  7. Ah, the color and the fragrance of lavender are two of my absolute favorite things. Thanks for sharing, La!


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