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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blast from the Past: Silly Putty v. Play-Doh

Ever notice when an idea is successful, there is suddenly an onslaught of similar ideas? For instance, look at how many reality shows are on TV since Survivor first became a hit. The other shows are based on the same premise but with a different twist.

When I started researching topics for the Blast from the Past Series, I noticed that many times there were people, places or things that were similar, but different. This is one of those things that makes you say, hmmmm (Arsenio Hall reference).

Today’s topic: Silly Putty or Playdoh?

Silly Putty is plastic putty sold in a plastic egg-shaped container. It was developed by Janes Wright, a GE engineer. Originally name Nutty Putty, it was resistant to rot and it was soft and pliable. Silly Putty can stretch many times its length without tearing and it bounces nearly 25% higher than a normal rubber ball. The best attribute is that it can copy the image of any printed material that it is pressed upon. It was first sold under the trade name of Silly Putty in 1949 and sold faster than any other toy in history with more than $6 million in annual sales.
I so wanted Silly Putty when I was a little girl,
but my mother always said no. 
Poor La.

Play-Doh was first tested six years later after development by Noah and Joseph McVicker who then founded Rainbow Crafts to start manufacturing their product in Cincinnati, Ohio. The original compound came only in off-white, but by 1957 came in yellow, red, and blue. Pay-Doh is similar to regular modeling clay, but without the toxicity or mess.
Mom did allow me to have Play-Doh. Lucky La

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  1. I loved to use Silly Putty on the Sunday comics. Sort of got it all dirty looking though. But I love the smell of Play-Doh!

  2. Your Mom would have had less of a mess with the Silly Putty! I was (am) a Brat so I played with both:@)

  3. I loved both, but especially yellow Play-Doh. I loved the smell of that stuff. xo,

  4. Play-Doh for sure. I loved the wood you remember it. It must have been toxic since it is no longer around. I like Silly Putty but it can melt into carpet and make a big mess. (((((HUGS))))

  5. I had silly putty and to this day I can still remember pressing it on the the comics page in the paper and lifting off the image. Then I could pull and stretch the picture until it was completely unrecognizable. Now that was about 50 years ago.

  6. We didn't have Silly Putty when I was growing up in Europe. Both of my boys love it and prefer it over Play-Doh.

  7. I remember getting something like Silly Putty but it was more like "Flubber" because the movie came out when I was a kid. It was kind of a clear color with an amber tint but my mom took it away from me when it came out on the news that it might cause rashes....poor Patti.

  8. I loved Silly Putty!
    When my kids were small I made pounds of playdough for them - I always felt better about it than the real stuff.

  9. I loved both. I had the Play Dog Fun Factory and loved to make food for my mom!! lol! I do love the smell of Silly Putty...that plastic smell. Weird, I know!


  10. I remember making play-doh for my four children. It was softer than the purchased kind so easier to use. And of course, cheaper. I even made peanut butter play-doh and after they played with it they ate it! Nancy

  11. I do not remember Play Dough until my children were born, but I was 10 when Silly Putty hit the market and I loved playing with it. What a great retry post this week. It was such fun to read about the two items. Genie

  12. I remember playing with Silly Putty and Play Dough. We would make Play Dough in my classroom each year to teach following directions.It was so much fun.

  13. We had both toys- I loved the smell of Play-Doh and still do! Silly Putty and the Sunday Funnies were loads of fun. But it DID get icky dirty! LOL
    La- how does the third weekend of July look for a Buckyeye Blogger get-together? Let me know!


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