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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garden Update and Another Giveaway Peek

Hello Friends.

Thanks to all of you who have been so encouraging about my lack of gardening skills. The squirrels have backed off the garden, probably because the tomato plants are bigger than them.
The strawberry plants still look iffy to me, but the tomatoes and jalapenos are doing great, and LOOK at my Topsy Turvy. Holy Cow! These plants are huge. I see a lot of salsa in our future.
My herbs that I planted from seed didn’t take off so I replaced them with some already flourishing plants. Hopefully, I don’t kill them… Every time I walk near them, their leaves shake.
Do you have an herb garden? Look at these cute garden picks. Aren’t they fun? Wouldn’t you love them for your herb garden? You can win them in my One-Year Blogiversary Giveaway. Stop back on June 28 to enter this spectacular giveaway full of fun items and perhaps a surprise or two.

Stop back tomorrow for the final peek into the giveaway package. 

I will be linking this to Outdoor Wednesday and Metamorphosis Monday.



  1. Glad the plants are hanging in there La! Looks like I won't have the best year, but should get a few things. Cute herb markers-Happy Sunday:@)

  2. I love those herb picks because I have a brand new herb garden. It doesn't look like much yet, but I have high hopes for it for years to come!

  3. I just got strawberries out of the garden! My sister in law suggested using an old netted side of a gazebo she had and we now get so many strawberries - the birds and rodents don't eat them all!

    Looking good! Isn't gardening fun!

  4. I'll bet your garden will be better than you are thinking. My plants quiver and turn a shade of black when I walk by, too. :(
    Those little markers are so dang cute...just love them.
    xo bj

  5. Love that you think your plants quiver when you walk by. Apparantly, it's shaking them up a little because they are doing great. My herb garden is one of my favorites. I love just walking through it. Everytime I brush by something I get a nice (smelly) reward. Love the bird markers! I'll be stopping by again.

  6. I think you are doing better than you realize. These plants look pretty hardy to me. I never had a herb garden as I do not cook much anymore.

  7. I've always wanted to make a container herb garden! These really are the cutest! Thanks for visiting me! I always enjoy your blog! ♥

  8. i have lots of green tomatoes but on red ones yet! I have tried to start herbs from seed but I haven't had much luck with them either. I do seem to have better luck with my zinnias, raising them from seed. I will be back for the giveaway! Thanks for asking!

  9. Your tomatoes are way ahead of mine! I got a late start thsi year.

    I grow all my herbs in pots from starter plants except basil which usually grows well from seed. I'd love to win the cute stakes!

  10. I bet your container gardens work out just fine. I can't believe how much I have to water but mine are doing great, even in the hot Florida sun. Can't wait for the giveaway! I love those herb picks!

  11. All the rain has sure helped the plants and gardens. I am ready for your reveal. Yes, I plan on Tipp City for sure.

  12. Hi La! Well, as long as your plants are green they're growing. I'm not much of a gardener myself. I love those little rusty looking stakes.
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me and your sweet words.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Your topsy turvey looks wonderful. I may have to give them a try next year. I just put a few plants in raised beds this year. I could buy twice the amount of tomatoes for my water bill,lol.
    Cute herb stakes... I can't wait for the giveaway

  14. Oh my gosh, those herb stakes are adorable. I'll be back to throw my name in the hat!

  15. Oh my gosh what an amazing post, La!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

  16. Hi La! The foodie giveaway is terrific too.


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