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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Answering the Call to Duty: Brandy Winfield

Hello Friends.

Six years ago today, our community was brought to its knees by the murder of an on-duty deputy. Brandy Winfield was only 29 years old and was the loving father of two precious little boys.

Brandy was a friend of my nephew, BJ. I first met Brandy when he was a dispatcher at the Marion County Sheriff Department. He was so anxious to become a road officer and worked very hard to achieve his goal.

If you ask anyone who knew him what you most remember about him, without exception they will say his smile. He had a smile that went from ear-to-ear and he flashed it often as he had a wicked sense of humor. He was fun-loving, generous, and dedicated to his community.

Brandy's death was tragic not only because he had a young family and was young himself. His death was tragic and senseless because he was not on a man-hunt, he wasn't chasing a fugitive, and he wasn't shot during a domestic dispute; Brandy was murdered while offering roadside assistance to a man with a disabled vehicle. His oh so typical willingness to help others, put him in harm's way. Not knowing he was helping a cowardice murderer, he let his guard down.

Brandy was found in his cruiser upside down in a ravine. He had been shot, but still had a weak pulse. He later died at the hospital.

God's Hero in Blue

He walked his life's lonely path with honor, Lord,
Protecting those you sent his way...
Until, at last, with task well done,
Your call is heard today.

We hear you saying:
"Come, my friend, with me apart...from years of service rest.
You've helped the poor, protected all, you've passed Life's every test.
You did not falter, did not fail though weary was your soul
I saw your tears, I felt your fears...I helped you toward your goal.

Beneath that badge beat a heart, strong, courageous, true...
When duty called, you answered, my hero dressed in blue!
Come, my friend, your reward awaits: the law you did obey.
Faithful through life's endless storms you showed my people the way.
Your beat is ended; roll calls done! Now, rest on Heaven's shore.
The good you did so willingly will remain forevermore."

Thank you; Father, for your great love as we cherish his memory dear
We offer this brave soul to with him ever near.
And when, at last, we hear your call may we each take our place
On Heaven's shore, eternal home, beneath your kindly gaze.

~Sister Ann Stamm~
Today, thank a law enforcement officer for their service.


  1. I remember when that happened. Very sad and you had a connection to him. I am so sorry. ~Hugs, Patti

  2. This is so tragic. He sounds like he touched many people in his short life.

  3. What a terribly sad story, he sounds very special indeed.

  4. G'morn, LA ~ God bless his soul & may His gentle love wrap around this family. Such a tragic loss.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. Senseless tragedy. I will be sending prayers to the family. Let us know, please, if there is a contribution fund set up. I can make a small donation.

  6. Thanks for telling us about this brave police officer, La. So sad that he died so young! Hope you are having a good week!...hugs...Debbie

  7. We had a similar incident here in western NC. His name was Trooper Shawn Blanton in June 2008. The trial of the murderer has been going on for a long time here with so many legal wranglings. It is so hard on the family and friends. I'll keep his family in my prayers.

  8. what a senseless and confusing loss. My thoughts and prayers are with those who mourn for him today and everyday.

  9. This kind of tragedy seems to be happening more and more frequently. Saying goodbye is so difficult for family and friends. Thanks for sharing such a loving and beautiful tribute to a person who was willing to serve others. I know he is now surrounded by those who love him.

  10. So glad you shared this very sad story...however, it is in great honor to remember such a special Man.

  11. There really isn't anything to say to this beautiful tribute other than you honor this young man and his family by sharing his story.

  12. So tragic.
    This is, indeed, a beautiful and loving tribute to a young man that must have touched so many lives.
    love, bj


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