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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hot Beef Sandwiches

Today I am joining my friends for Foodie Friday. Come over and check out all the great recipes.

I'm bringing a recipe that was one of my mother's signature recipes. She often made these for family get-togethers and her Christmas open house. If I had to describe it, I would say it is a cross between Sloppy Joes and Meatloaf. This will certainly become a family favorite at your house, too.

Hot Beef Sandwiches

1 Pound Ground Beef
1/2 Pound Fresh Sausage
1 Cup Milk
1/2 Cup Onions, diced
1 Cup Celery, chopped
1 Egg
1 Cup Tomato Puree
1/2 Cup Cracker Crumbs
Salt and Pepper to taste

Simply mix all the ingredients together, I use my clean hands. Bake in a 325 degree oven for 3 hours, stirring often.

I normally double this recipe, even if it isn't for a party because it freezes nicely. Leftovers are perfect for burritos or taco baked potatoes. YUM!

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I also want to send a special Happy Birthday to my Auntie Mare whose birthday is today. She just got out of a physical rehabilitation facility yesterday; just in time for her birthday. Happy Birthday, Auntie Mare! We love you! La


  1. Interesting recipe. Sounds really good:)

  2. Sounds good, looks even better!

  3. Ahh,the memories of Christmas' past-they were the best. Thanks for sharing your Mom's recipe. I had it once, but must have lost it. I'll definitely give it a try again. Have I told you how proud and in awe of you that I am? Hope to see you around Sept 3 or 4th. Karen

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe, sounds yummy.

  5. We call it glop at our house and I mean that in a good way. We love our glop and you will hear lots of comments here of "good glop". lol.

  6. This sounds awesome! i love sloppy joes and I love meatloaf so this sounds like a winner!


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