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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Patriarch

My father sits at the head of the family table, both literally and figuratively, our mother made sure of that. We grew up during a much different time in America. In the 60's, families always sat at the table for dinner. No TV, no reading, no phone calls.... we had something called family discussion. Dinner was always ready when Dad got home at 5:00.

Although times have changed, our family's view of my father has not. He still sits at the head of the table, he still is revered as the HEAD HONCHO, and everyone strives to please him.

A World War II Naval veteran, he has had the honor of speaking to school children about life on a ship during the Great War. He later worked for the Erie Lakawana and Conrail Railroads and the United Transportation Union.

Dad and Jordan at the helm of the USS North Carolina

He has always been a devoted family man. He oversees a family of three sons, a daughter, ten grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. He is a phenomenal grandpa.

Dad and Jordan at The Big House (University of Michigan)
My father is a die-hard Ohio State fan and
Jordan is a Michigan Wolverine fan.

Meeting his newest great grandson, Jaxon.

I'm linking to A Southern Belle with Northern Roots' Story Tellers.


  1. Nice tribute to your dad! That is exactly how we felt about my dad. We miss him so much! Have a great Sunday and enjoy this weather!~Hugs, Patti

  2. He is an amazing grandpa/papaw/pawpaw!!! :) One of the greatest! :)

  3. La, How nice of you to honor your dad in this post. Guess he's a pretty tolerant guy to be visiting the "big house" since he is such a Buckeye fan! LOL Thanks for stopping by this morning. I have the day to myself and need to get some things done. But it is so nice out, all I really want to do is sit out in the sun and read my magazines. :-) I am so far behind in everything- my blog reading, housework & meal prep, working out.... you name it! Enjoy this beautiful weather we are experiencing. It really feels like NM to me. Just without all the pretty sights and smells....
    hugs, Sue

  4. What a great man he is & has always been a fantastic brother-in-law. He truly loved my sister with all of his heart & I know he still misses her everyday like we all do.

  5. We can only hope the the young women of today can find a man like that and that they can keep up their end of the family.

  6. Role models like him are fantastic! Wonderful post to honor him.:)

  7. Lori, that was the sweetest, heart warming blog of Dad. He's been the greatest Father-In-Law a girl could ever hope for. He is and will always be like a real Father to me. I love him dearly!!!

  8. Hi La, What a lovely post and comments. He must be a really special man. It's great to have a strong but kind head to a family. I really think it makes a difference. Jane xx

  9. It's so comforting having Dad sit at the head of the table. Call me a Daddy's girl if you want but it's the way I like it. :) Very nice post and I really appreciate you dropping by for the give-away. Come on over for a visit anytime. The door's always open. :)

  10. Wonderful story of your dad! Sounds like my FIL! He was in WWII also, and his family loves and respects him dearly as do I. These men are so strong aren't they! So nice of you to share him with us!

  11. What a lovely tribute, I have to laugh because I grew up where all the men were always served first and seated first. I didn't like it much when I was a kid, maybe because I knew my cousins would soon be seated before me! Thank you so much for linking up. Looking forward to more.

  12. I'm so glad you linked this to Story Tellers. I admit, when I joined you blog the other day I read this but didn't comment. He reminds me of my mothers father and it's beautiful. The baby is adorable, I'm jealous!

  13. I'm sure he's a wonderful person in spite of the Ohio State bias.

    Nobody's perfect.

  14. ahh... made me think of my Dad (who died two years ago).

    Thanks to linking to Storytellers!


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