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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Little Man in My Life: Bosco

You’ve met my son, Jordan. Today, I want to introduce you to the little man in my life, Bosco. One big name for such a little and mild-mannered shih tzu, don’t you think?

He may be small, but he rules the house successfully. He scams me out of more treats in a day than Jordan ever did as a child. Shh…don’t tell Jordan.

He is all black with just a small white patch, about the size of a dime, on his chest. When his hair is long, you can’t tell if he is coming or going.

Let there be no mistake, he is no watchdog. He thinks strangers are new friends who are at the house to see him. If he gets out when the postal worker is in the neighborhood, he follows her and she sweetly brings him home.

One night a police officer came to the door around 3:00 AM, a parent’s nightmare. Thankfully, Jordan was sound asleep in bed. The officer was there because he noticed my dome light was on in my car and there had been several car break-ins in the neighborhood. The officer, Bosco, and I walked back to the garage to investigate. Bosco, sensing there was a new friend to be made went over to the officer for a sniff. The officer bent half-way to pet him and then stopped to ask if he would bite. I laughed, a little harder than I should, and said you may be in more danger of being licked to death.

Here are the many faces of Bosco.

He listens intently during story time.

Bosco recently sustained a back injury and was unable to go to the groomer so he got very shaggy.
Bosco is extending his paw in friendship.

Finally, he is pain free and able to go for a new do.
I'm searching for a hair salon that makes ME
look like I lost half my body mass!

Bosco wants to remind you to go HERE and sign up for my giveaway!


  1. The owner of the store I used to work for had a shih tzu that was all black to except for his belly. He looked alot like your Bosco. He used to come to work with me all the time, as the owner would drop him off to stay with me alot during the day. His name was Friday and his personality was much like Boscos. He was there to keep me company as he certainly was no guard dog either. I know you must love that little fella so much! Thanks for sharing! He's a cutie!

  2. I love little Bosco! He is my buddy! :) I love his new due!!! Hes so handsome hehehe xoxo

  3. Bosco looks so sweet and so handsome! :)

  4. Ooooh, I could use a few doggie kisses. He looks like a real charmer. We no longer have any pets and I do miss them. My husband and I both work, so it really isn't fair to leave a pet home alone all day. Dogs are such wonderful companions---maybe when I retire.

  5. Cute pup.....My daughter/son-in-law live in Marion...we travel out there from NY quite often

  6. He sure is a cutie-enjoy! ...and if you find that hair dresser please let me know:@)

  7. Oh isn't he cute! I have a close friend whose last name is Bosco, she has a dog named Rosco...Rosco Bosco:)

  8. He's adorable. And what a cute little scarf too. I'm not allowed to dress up my dog - I would if I could though.


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