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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wopat Auction

Just a quick post today to show you a sampling of what I found at a Two-day auction this weekend. The family was quite wealthy, leaving $16 million to set up a foundation to benefit our community. They must have entertained quite a bit because there were several sets of china, crystal, and linens.

50 glass plates for $9.00

18 individual iron serving pots, 6 with lids $5.00
A banana box full of silver
and pewter platters $10.00

I also picked up two dozen Maxfli golf balls and a gun rack, for Jordan, for $15.00 total. Two floor lamps were mine for $5.00 total. Sixteen dollars bought me two banana boxes of table linens! There are a few other odds and ends that I will share with you later.

For dinner this evening, I made French Onion Soup and served it in the iron pots with homemade croutons and melted cheese. Salads accompanied the soup and were served on the new glass plates, chilled.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

I will be linking to parties hosted by Rhoda, and Debbie.


  1. La, You sure get around and find all sorts of goodies! Love all those serving pots- how fun to serve your onion soup in them. And that box of silverplate and pewter looks really interesting. Lots of pretties to decorate with! Hope you're staying cool. The temps have been somewhat lower but the humidity is still up there. I want fall!
    :-) Sue

  2. You hit the mother load!Love the plates and the platters.Your dinner sounds delicious.

  3. I have never been to an action , they scare me, but I love vintage linen and I have heard you can buy a box for a song....I cam going to keep my ears open for an action and give it a try.


  4. I don't know how you find the time to do all that you do. The dinner sounded yummy :) Love the things you bought..

  5. Oh WOW!!! Looks like you brought home some awesome stuff! Ahhh I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have that kind of money. That was sweet that they left a portion to your community.

    I love the foliage in fall as well. It’s just stunning!

    Kendra :o )

  6. La,
    Two boxes of linens---I don't think I can stand it. Oh please, post pictures of the linens so all of us linenaholics can drool.

  7. OMG! you lucky duck....I love the silver, I can't believe the prices. What a generous family too. Thanks for joining in on the party..this is great stuff to share, so we can all go ooohhh ahhhhh!

  8. La- You found some great items! I went to an auction this weekend also but didn't get anything as good as this. I found a rocker for my front porch however. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Wow, that must have been a great yardsale to go thrifting. Have fun giving diner parties with all that stuff!


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